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Chasing the Fountain of Youth

Excercise plays a role on how long and how productive we will be in life.
Excercise plays a role on how long and how productive we will be in life.

Each day in America there are 330 baby boomers celebrating their 60th birthday.  This is a period of time in our history that the graying community is growing at a faster rate than any other age group.

    As we get older our desire to live a longer and more fulfilling life increases.  Those of us that can now take senior discounts are looking for some of the answers in how we can remain productive and be a vital part of society.

    We all know that the answers to discovering the “Fountain of Youth” lie in regular daily exercise, a healthy diet and a happy attitude.

    So what happens to those older people that have failed to get out and exercise during their younger days?   In a recent study done over a 12-year period on 2600 adults, researchers discovered people who begin exercising at age 60 or above will live longer than their slothful counterparts.

    The South Carolina study found that the lower incidence of death corresponded with a higher level of fitness and that body fat played a large role.

    In a study done at the University College Medical School in London researchers found that a man’s waistline, between the ages of 60 and 79, becomes a good indicator of mortality risk.

   There are scientists who estimate between the years 2010 and 2030 science will be able to increase the lifespan of humans significantly raising the average mortality rate by 20 years in industrial countries from its present 80 years to 100 years.

   Exercise, diet and an optimistic attitude all play a role in how long and how productive we will be in life.

    There are over 84,000 people living in the United States that are over 100 years of age and over the next twenty years the number of centurions will triple.


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