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Sexy Look for Mixed Martial Arts in Taiwan

Holly Itoga for Hawaii Kai in MMA Taiwan

Holly Itoga for Hawaii Kai in MMA Taiwan

Hsinchu, Taiwan

    During my travels to Taiwan I ran into a young woman from Oahu by the name of Holly Itoga.

    Itoga is a 1996 graduate of Kaiser High School has traveled quite a bit since her high school days.  “I was getting my MBA in Australia and everyone always talked about India and China so I wanted to study in both,” she said.

   While studying in India Itoga’s professor recommended that she apply for a scholarship to a Taiwanese University which brought her to Taipei.  “Getting a scholarship into the PhD program was a blessing and the opportunities have been amazing here,” she said.

   Itoga opportunities and good looks led her to become a “ring girl” for Mixed Martial Arts events in the small city of Hsinchu, where she has been a resident for the past four years.

   “I’m so excited about MMA in Taiwan and coming from Hawaii, I would love to see a bridge, companies working together, having fighters brought over both ways, especially giving local talent a chance to display their skills,” Itoga said.

    Itoga is now beginning self defense classes with one of the MMA coaches.  “I hope to make a living with MMA, that would be amazing, but MMA is still so new in Taiwan, in the meantime I have to finish this PhD thing,” she said.

Ring girl Holly Itoga

Ring girl Holly Itoga


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  1. This may sound a bit weird but it’s true.

    In the very small town of Bellingham, Washington… We did not have ANY folks of the Asian ethnicity. Well we were pretty much a hick “All-White” town.

    I only saw “Asian” ladies on TV and I always told myself that one day I would marry an attractive Asian lady when I grow up.

    Prophecy fulfilled thanks to moving to Hawaii.

    Ok… Now I’m sure everyone is gonna give me some stink for this… but hey… it’s the truth.

    I’ve always thought Asian ladies were very attractive and I think that stems from the fact that I never really got to grow up around any.

    Comment by Damon Tucker | July 7, 2009 | Reply

  2. That darn Phd thing, always gettin’ in the way! =)

    Comment by michaelharing | July 8, 2009 | Reply

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