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Bring back the Rainbows!

UH Rainbows were special, let's bring them back!

UH Rainbows were special, let's bring them back!

     Go Bows!   That is something I’ve been chanting for more than four decades and it won’t change anytime soon.

   As a die-hard alumnus I have spent countless hours in front of the television watching the Rainbows football, basketball, baseball and volleyball, including attending several Rainbow Classic basketball tournaments.

   I was glued to my TV in 1992 when the Rainbow football team beat Illinois in the Holliday Bowl, 27-17.

   So why do we allow a football coach (June Jones) to come in and change the name to Warriors?

   Go on the internet and type in “Warriors” on your search engine.  You will find every type of Warrior imaginable, including Cal State, Wayne State, Wisconsin, Lutheran and the Hawaii football team.

   If you type in “Rainbows” you are limited to the UH athletic department.  The nick-name Rainbows are unique.

  I watched every game of Rainbow basketball during their dismal 1-26 season which was many moons ago, and that loyalty has earned me the lifetime right to call them the ‘Bows.


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