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Is McMackin’s Punishment Enough?

Coach Greg McMackin has seen better days

Coach Greg McMackin has seen better days

By now you may have heard of the University’s sanctions against Head Football Coach, Greg McMackin, for making inappropriate slurs during a WAC press conference.

   Coach McMackin used a derogatory slur in demeaning Notre Dame’s dance prior to their football game against Hawaii in the Hawaii Bowl. (Read the blog entry below for the full details).

   But did the University of Hawaii administration take the appropriate steps in disciplining their coach?

“We have completed the investigation with the cooperation of Coach McMackin. Because of violations of University policies, I have decided, with the approval of Chancellor Hinshaw, on the following actions:

* Coach McMackin will be suspended without pay for 30 days. However, Coach McMackin has agreed to volunteer to coach the team for those 30 days because he doesn’t want the team or the university to be harmed by his mistake.

* In addition, Coach McMackin will be voluntarily participating in the salary reduction at the same level as myself.

There are other steps we have discussed that Coach McMackin has agreed to accomplish so I’ll ask Chancellor Hinshaw to present those.” (UH)

Chancellor Hinshaw then detailed additional measures:
“We all recognize that yesterday Coach McMackin made a serious mistake that has hurt many people and brought negative attention to our State and our University. He is clearly remorseful – as well he should be. This has been a painful experience for all involved, but we must now consider actions that will help everyone learn from this very negative event and improve for the future.

Warrior (Rainbow?) coach
Warrior (Rainbow?) coach

* Coach McMackin will personally participate in activities directed at improving the environment for our community through working with the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community on campus. Camaron Miyamoto, coordinator for our LGBT services, has discussed with us how we can turn this into a learning experience for the whole campus.

* That will include Coach’s participating in a public service announcement describing how words can hurt, presenting during student orientations, and supporting awareness training for the athletics program.

* Also, a part of the money from his salary reduction will be used by the University to support a student intern for LGBT to assist in conducting campus-wide workshops in awareness training.

   I applaud UH’s quick and rapid dealing with McMackin’s inexcusable actions.   Public relations damage control was quick on this matter and the punishment seems to have fit the crime in this instance.

   But I believe the UH should have gone one step further by returning the proud “Rainbow” logo back to the Hawaii football team.

  It was the homophobic mentality by then coach, June Jones, and his staff that banished the Rainbow in favor of the Warrior symbol.

   UH should have acted to restore the Rainbow’s proud heritage to a football team and Coach McMackin, in order to redeem himself, should be the leader in insisting or its reinstatement.


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  1. I agree, bring back the rainbow logo..Anyone who owns a car has a rainbow license plate..Rainbows
    represent our beautiful state! We have rainbows all over these islands..No other team has the rainbow logo..lots of other teams are Warriors…Bring back the Rainbows!!

    Comment by RAJ | August 1, 2009 | Reply

  2. I don’t think people are getting it… He’s not suspended at all!

    He’s fined.

    If he was suspended, he wouldn’t be allowed to coach.

    You don’t suspend someone and then still allow them to participate.

    Big deal… a person making a million a year loses 30 days pay from that million.

    Slap on the wrist.

    I say UH needs a new coach… this is the perfect opportunity to get one.

    Comment by Damon Tucker | August 1, 2009 | Reply

  3. In my humble opinion, the fact that he is going to actively working with the (LGBT) community should be a major plus to all those offended. Working with/for the group people he upset and getting to know them and understand what they go through should in itself go a long way in atoning for his mistake. The $$ he is going to loose is secondary, not a big deal. Isn’t LEARNING what going to college is SUPPOSED TO BE about? Now he will be seeing and working with the people he ‘hurt’ every day instead of walking away and being forgotten in a few months.. Isn’t that going to be a “life experience” in itself?

    Comment by Frank | August 2, 2009 | Reply

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