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McMackin suspension SHIBAI

UH Head Coach Greg McMackin continues to work with the team despite being suspended

UH Head Coach Greg McMackin continues to work with the team despite being suspended

Greg McMackin
Greg McMackin

The University of Hawaii handed out penalties to Head Football Coach Greg McMackin which included, amongst other things, a 30 day suspension for his saying and then repeating a gay slur at a conference coaches meeting attended by the media.

  But was it really a “suspension”?

  In a UH press release the University stated the following:

“We have completed the investigation with the cooperation of Coach McMackin. * Coach McMackin will be suspended without pay for 30 days. However, Coach McMackin has agreed to volunteer to coach the team for those 30 days because he doesn’t want the team or the university to be harmed by his mistake.

   So where is the suspension?  McMackin continues to practice with the team.  He will continue to coach from the sidelines at all the UH games.  But he forfeits a month’s pay.  And therein lays the penalty – forfeiture of pay for 30 days.

   Blogger Damon Tucker had it right when he said, “I don’t think people are getting it.  He’s (McMackin) not suspended at all?  He’s fined.  If he was suspended he wouldn’t be allowed to coach.  You don’t suspend someone and then still allow them to participate.  Big Deal…a person making a million a year loses 30 days pay from that million.  Slap on the wrist.”

  I agree with Damon.  Why is the University putting up a smokescreen for their coach?  Why tell us he’s been suspended, but allowed to practice with the team?  Where is the suspension? 

  The UH Public Relations Team is trying to fill the stadium during the upcoming season, but at what expense?  Subterfuge tactics seem to be at the forefront of this escapade.


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