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World’s Hottest Male Athlete

Professional soccer player David Beckham

Professional soccer player David Beckham

Soccer great
Soccer great

With my posting of Kona’s Lokelani McMichael as being one of the sexiest athletes in the world my wife and daughter wanted to know who is listed as the world’s sexiest male athlete.

    Since there were several male athletes to choose from I gave them the distinction of choosing who the world’s sexiest male athlete is, in their opinion.

    The general consensus in my household is:  David Beckham, who is best known for his ability to kick a soccer ball around the field.


Fashionable tatoos
Fashionable tatoos

Beckham is one of Britain’s most iconic athletes whose name is also an elite global advertising brand. He was captain of the English national team from 2000 to 2006, scored in three different FIFA World Cups, and played midfield for clubs in Manchester, England and Madrid, Spain, before agreeing to move to Los Angeles, to play for Los Angeles Galaxy team on a five year contract beginning on July 1, 2007.

    But you make the choice.  If you have an opinion on who should be considered the world’s sexiest male or female athlete please list your choice in the comment section of this blog.


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