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Swim Stroke Mechanics Lectures in Hilo and Kona

Ways to Improve your swim stroke

Ways to Improve your swim stroke

“Beijing & Beyond”

What we can learn about Swimming Stroke Mechanics from the Beijing Olympics

 Continue your 2009 training season by updating your knowledge of swimming stroke mechanics.

The unprecedented quality of the underwater video footage at the Beijing Games, gives us an opportunity to view and analyze swimming at the elite level of performance. .

The Lectures are offered on the Big Island for the first time and will be presented in both Hilo and Kona.  

There will be 2 separate lectures. Each lecture will run for approximately 50 minutes.


 The first will focus exclusively on Freestyle, and be particularly suitable for Triathletes & Master’s swimmers.

Improve stroke
Improve stroke

The second will cover all four Competitive Strokes, with emphasis on Starts &Turns.

Jan Prins, Ph.D.

                        Director, Aquatic Research Laboratory

                        Former Head Men’s Swimming Coach, University of Hawaii

                        Director, Swim Hawaii


Hilo: Saturday, September 26

Time: 5 pm.

Place: Waiakea High School, P‐21

Kona: Sunday, September 27.

Time: 3 pm

Place: Kona Village Resort Amphitheatre

Cost: $15 per person for both lectures.


Hilo: Coach Bill Sakovich : 922‐2717

Kona: Coach Harry Canales: 936.1326



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  1. Coach Bills Number is actually 933-2717

    There was that typo on the email he sent to the high school team.

    Comment by Chi | September 20, 2009 | Reply

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