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Iolani 24, Kauai 17 in HHSAA Division II Football

Iolani captures Division II Crown

Scoring Summary (Final)
The Automated ScoreBook
Kauai vs Iolani (Dec 04, 2009 at Honolulu, HI)

Kauai (10-1) vs. Iolani (12-2)

Date: Dec 04, 2009 • Site: Honolulu, HI  • Stadium: Aloha Stadium  •  Attendance:

Score by Quarters  Score 
Kauai   3  7  0  7  17 
Iolani   10  0  7  7  24 
1st  11:47  IOLANI   Saito, Reid 36 yd interception return (Skalman, Andrew kick) 
           0 – 7 
  06:36  KAUAI   Shimabukuro, S. 40 yd field goal 
         13 plays, 43 yards, TOP 3:22  3 – 7 
  01:04  IOLANI   Skalman, Andrew 28 yd field goal 
         12 plays, 63 yards, TOP 5:25  3 – 10 
2nd  04:58  KAUAI   Kealoha-Albarad 9 yd pass from Shimabukuro, T. (Shimabukuro, S. kick) 
         3 plays, 45 yards, TOP 1:03  10 – 10 
3rd  04:19  IOLANI   Baldomero, A. 3 yd run (Skalman, Andrew kick) 
         11 plays, 91 yards, TOP 4:31  10 – 17 
4th  08:25  IOLANI   Epenesa, S. 3 yd pass from Arakawa, Jarret (Skalman, Andrew kick) 
         15 plays, 86 yards, TOP 5:56  10 – 24 
  02:02  KAUAI   Kealoha-Albarad 8 yd pass from Shimabukuro, T. (Shimabukuro, S. kick) 
         12 plays, 62 yards, TOP 1:41  17 – 24 
Kickoff time: 4:39 pm  • End of Game: 7:05 pm  • Total elapsed time: 2:26
Referee: Vernon Nakamoto •  Umpire: Michael Simonds •  Linesman: Mike Quartero  •  Line judge: Jim Polacek  •  Back judge: Ron Tacadena  •  Field judge: Ernest Furtado  •  Side judge: Randy Morris  •  Scorer: Dara Young  • 
Temperature: 77 deg.  • Wind: NNE 13  • Weather: Humidity – 57%

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Suggestions in Solving Chronic Pain

Migraines are just one aspect of chronic pain

PAIN is a significant problem in our society, and the way too many of us deal with it, either by taking medication to temporarily relieve the pain or ignoring the pain altogether, foolishly hoping it will go away, is an even bigger problem, contributing to long-term disability and reduced quality of life. There are a few important pieces to the puzzle that can help you deal with pain now and prevent future episodes – chronic pain- from ruining your life.

 1. POSTURE: Proper posture is difficult to attain, so don’t stress yourself out about it. When you are sitting, put a rolled-up towel or sweatshirt in the small of your back. Sit all the way back to the rear of the chair so you feel the support in your back. When you stand, stand against the wall or a post so you can maintain erect posture. It is important to strengthen your core muscles, the muscles along the spine. Yoga, Pilates or a specific workout program with weights will help you achieve this. You may want to find a personal trainer to help you focus on specific exercises to help you achieve your goals.

 2. BALANCE: As you develop strength, you begin to develop balance. Many of the positions utilized in yoga, Pilates and weight training work specifically on balance. Would you believe that your feet also have a lot to do with balance?

The three arches you have in your feet must all be supported in order for the rest of your body to have good support as well. If one or more of the arches is flat, it can significantly affect the stress to your joints and your ability to exercise efficiently. Ask your chiropractor about analyzing your feet to see if you need arch supports.

 3. Spinal Load and Stability: Understanding how to exercise or perform any type of sporting activity is crucial to your health. How many people do you know who lift weights incorrectly? By being careful and doing your exercises properly, you can reduce the amount of spinal load (stress) and instability you create for your body. When your joints move well, you can perform activities optimally and with minimal stress on your body.

 4. Alignment: Exercising makes your muscles stronger, which also helps maintain structural and bony alignment. Chiropractic care is hopefully a regular part of your life. Visits to your chiropractor at a frequency you both find appropriate will help you maintain your alignment.

 Keep in mind that pain may be indicative of a serious underlying condition.

Always talk to your doctor about any pain you are experiencing, particularly if it does not go away or worsens with time.

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