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Army Vet Carries American Flag in More than 100 Marathons

Mike Wojcio runs NYC Marathon in Nov 09

Mike Wojcio just ran his 110th marathon and his 19th NYC Marathon last month.  “I was very pleased with my time of 4:45:33since I didn’t break 5 hours last year”, Wojcio said.

 Wojcio’s best time in a marathon was the Sri Chimnoy in San Mateo, CA in 1980 when he ran 3:17:05.  His best NYC Marathon was 3:40:39 in the 1980’s. 

 “My marathons are now 5 hours or longer,” the 61 year old Wojcio said.  “I have been carrying two flags in my marathons since the London Marathon in 1982, so I have been carrying two American flags for more than 27 years in my marathons,” Wojcio said.

 When running abroad Wojcio will carry one American flag and a flag from the country he’s running in.  “I want to promote Internationalism,” he said.

 A veteran from the Viet Nam era, Wojcio served in Okinawa while in the Army and has run over 100 marathons carrying flags.

 “Believe it or not I do not consider myself a marathon runner even though I am a member of the 100 Marathon Club. Those that are my age and do very well can run between 3 hrs. and 3:30….  However, I do run shorter races like the 5K better than marathons.  My last 5K Dec. 6th was 22:55 on a hilly course.  (My PR for 5K’s was 18:10 but that was in 1982.),” Wojcio said.

 Wojcio, who also loves teaching chess and mnemonics , will be doing the Kauai and Maui Marathons in September before spending a few days at Kilauea Military Camp in Volcano National Park.

 Wajcio, a resident of New Jersey, can be reached at:  chessgolfmarathons@verizon.net


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