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World’s Greatest Track Match: Bolt vs. Bekele

Kenenisa Bekele - world record holder in the 5000 & 10000 meters

Usain Bolt would win against Kenenisa Bekele – according to a recent poll on All-Athletics.com.

All-Athletics.com asked their readers who would win a Bolt vs. Bekele 600m race.

Usain Bolt holds the world’s record for the 100 and 200 meter dash and Kenenisa Bekele is the world record holder in the 5000 and 10,000 meter races.

So why wasn’t the matchup between the greatest sprinter in the world and the greatest distance runner in the world done at the 800 meter race distance?

Jamaica’s Usain Bolt

There are no 600 meter races in the world of Track & Field.  If you’re going to have the world best sprinter go against the world’s greatest distance runner then it should be done at the middle distance range of 800.

At the 800 I would place my money on Kenenisa Bekele, at the 400 the odds would be in favor of Bolt.

At any rate in the All-Athletes.com poll the Jamaican superstar is thought to be the favorite in the 600 meter race over the great Ethiopian star.

Results of the poll:

48% – Usain Bolt would win
42% – Kenenisa Bekele would win
10% – They think it is a stupid idea

I for one thought it to be a Stupid Idea!




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