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Tips on Planning and Eating Healthy Meals

Salmon is our fish of choice for Healthy Eating

Healthy Meals in 10-Minutes 

 How can you prepare healthy meals in a pinch?  If you’re the cook in your house, like I am in mine, then one of the foundational rules for getting a healthy meal on the table in 10 minutes or less is proper planning.

 My wife, Randee, likes to plan out the entire week in advance and I’m the guy that does all the prep work in the kitchen.

 The easy way to get started is to brainstorm six to eight menus you can choose from whenever the need arises. Having that many options allows you to avoid repetition and gives you the freedom to mix things up. When you’re planning menus, also think about how many different meals you can create using a limited number of ingredients; that way, you can prep several meals at the same time.

 Fish makes our menu list twice a week and Salmon is a must for us along with a daily vegetable salad which includes avocados.

 Once we’ve chosen our menus, shop and prep in advance. That means doing everything from grilling chicken to chopping up vegetables to boiling rice or pasta and baking a sweet potato.

 In some cases, you can completely finish the meal so it only requires reheating during your busy evenings. You can decide how much time you’ll have and which foods can be partially prepared and which can be completely prepared in advance and still last for as long as you need them.

 A glass or two of red wine can compliment any meal and it is much healthier than white wine.

 Happy Eating!


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