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Big Dog meets Kurt Suzuki during Autograph Session

Kurt Suzuki, Big Dog, UUH baseball coach Joey Estrella

   Oakland A’s catcher Kurt Suzuki spent part of the afternoon at the Prince Kuhio Plaza signing autographs for several hundred  fans both young and old.

   Suzuki just completed his second season with Oakland and was home on Maui when he decided to come to Hilo to meet BJ Penn and do an autograph session at the PKP at the site of the new wall for the Big Island Sports Hall of Fame.

   The line waiting to get a brief glimse of Suzuki stretched for more than 50 yards as fans waited  patiently to get a photo and an a signature.

Kurt Suzuki - photo by Kirk Lee Aeder


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Reduce Stess & Relax, Spend Some time at the Palms Cliff House Inn

   Looking to spend a quiet weekend away from crowds while taking in the beauty of nature?  Then take a look at the Palms Cliff House located 15 minutes north of Hilo.

Randee at the entrance to the private driveway of the PalmsOur room had a romantic fireplace

Randee and I spent our wedding anniversary there and what a fantastic treat it was.  The Palms Cliff House has eight guest rooms all with spectacular view of the ocean.

   Our room had a fireplace and a Jacuzzi with a king sized, elevated bed. 

   In the morning we were treated to a fantastic breakfast.

   Owners John and Michele Gamble did a wonderful job in making our stay a memorable one.

   For further information you can go to www.palmscliffhouse.com.

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