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Big Dog’s Revised BIIF Wrestling Top Seeds

Kamehameha's Megan Aina is the top seed at the 98 weight class



108 – Sage Aoki, Konawaena                  114 – Justin Hirae, Kamehameha

120 – Nalu Souza, Kamehameha           125 – Cheyden Quiocho, Keaau

130 – Dillon Cortes, Kealakehe              135 – Jimmy Romualdo, Kona

140 – Tyler Yonemori, Waiakea              145 – Bronson Kobayashi, HPA

152 – Keoni Colson, HPA                          160 – Geo Chavez-Pardini, Honokaa

171 – Kalai Nihau, Honokaa                     189 – Kawika Scott, Kona        

215 – Onipaa Stevens, HPA                      285 – Jordan Hao, Kealakehe


98 – Megan Aina, Kamehameha               103 – Alexandra Aoki, Konawaena

108 – Danielle Hubbard, Kona                  114 – Jenna Aina, Kamehameha

120 – Jodi Ozaki, Kealakehe                       125 – Tanalei Louis, Kona

130 – Rustee-Ann Johansen, Kamehameha

140 – Pomai Pohina, Kamehameha          155 – Tracy Poch, Waiakea

175 – Kaopua Sutton, Kamehameha        220 – Kiana Mello, Kau

Note:  Coaches and wrestling fans are invited to give their own comments on who might be listed.


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Kunishiges Staying fit together

Reid and Nancy Kunishige

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching it is a great time to start thinking of the many reasons to be grateful for your partner.

   If you’re fortunate enough to have found someone in your life that compliments you, is compatible to you, and shares common values, you are indeed a lucky person.

   Did you ever wonder why some couples are happy together for a lifetime, while others are in some sort of conflict almost from the beginning?

   Part of the secret may be in sharing some quality exercise time together. I’m always impressed when I see the many couples that walk around Liliuokalani Gardens.  Those couples have made the time to spend together doing an early morning or an evening walk.

   Walking is a great exercise for your body and when you share it with the one you love it makes for the ideal time to catch up on each others’ lives.

   There are many health benefits associated with walking as it is a non-competitive, low impact activity that is filled with fresh air and sunshine.

   On one of my many walks around Liliuokalani Gardens with my wife, Randee, we bumped into Reid and Nancy Kunishige.

   The Kunishige’s are in great shape as they make the time to work out in a variety of activities together.

   Reid, who teaches science at Keaau Middle School, and Nancy, a receptionist at Hilo Community Surgery Center, have been married for 20 years and have been doing physical activities together since their courtship period.

   “We’ve always been into some sort of exercise or sports activities,” Reid Kunishige said. “I was into weight training, running, tennis, free diving and some mountain biking back in my college days and Nancy loved to bowl, play tennis, going to the gym and her favorite is dancing.”

   The Kunishige’s played a lot of tennis with friends prior to their marriage and then that activity turned into golf during the marriage.

   “Before we met we were both going to the gym, so when we started dating we immediately hit it off with our interest of sports, both competitive and in trying to beat the other person,” Nancy Kunishige said.

   After the birth of their two children, Melanie 19 and Ryan 10, the Kunishige’s returned to the to the tennis courts and to the driving range to hit balls.  Nancy continues with her love for dancing, twice a week, and is now into the new exercise class of “Zumba”.

   “We’re rarely a stay at home, couch potato couple,” she said.  “We’re always on the go.”

   “We try to go walking as much as we can,” he said.  “I do a lot of bike riding with our son and Nancy adds a dance exercise class twice a week.  She also loves to play Wii Fit with the kids.”

    “It’s important for us to do things together, so that we never forget why we are still together,” Reid Kunishige said. 

   “Doing things as a couple bonds your love for each other, appreciating what the other is capable or not capable of doing, Nancy Kunishige said.  “Laughing with them and still loving them for who they are.”

    To compliment their regular fitness routine the Kunishige’s have also made a commitment to eating better by making small, subtle changes to their diet.

   “We started eating healthier, with less beef and pork and more fish and chicken,” Reid Kunishige said.  “Nancy even started making chili and spaghetti with ground chicken instead of beef. We’ve added more fruits and salad here and there and less rice.  “The real secret, I think, is smaller portions.  Using a smaller dinner plate helps mentally.”

   “You know when you’re getting old when you start to eat like your parents,” Nancy Kunishige said.  “We’re cutting out lots of junk food that we love and eating lots of smart food that we now love.”

   The Kunishige’s are a great example of a happy couple that spends quality exercise time together that helps to ensure a healthier lifestyle while promoting physical and mental well being.

   The Kunishige’s are also good role models to their children as they have planted the seeds to help promote a healthy exercise and eating routine.

   “Every marriage has bumps in the road and I think the best advice to any married couple is not to take your spouse for granted,” Reid Kunishige said.  “You should be each other’s best friend.”

   With Valentine’s Day fast approaching one of the best gifts you can give to yourselves is to take a walk around a beautiful area while enjoying each other’s company.  

   Improving your health through exercise and diet can surely improve any relationship and spending that “exercise” time with the one you love can develop into a closer friendship.

   “A long marriage is two people trying to dance a duet and two solos at the same time,” Anne Taylor Fleming wrote.

   The Kunishige’s have found the balance in both work and play as they continue to share, grow and learn in their relationship.

   After 28 years of being together the Kunishige’s are still working on the formula to a happy and healthy marriage.

   “Really, there is no secret to enjoying each other,” Nancy Kunishige said.  “Disagree; say your peace and move on to another day.

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