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Aikido of Hilo Celebrating 30th Anniversary

Sensei Robert Klein, right, demonstates Aikido move

   It is called “The Way of Harmony with Universal Spirit” and has followed a path of protecting, rather than hurting.

   “We learn that aggression breeds greater aggression and that kindness also will be returned by others,” Sensei Robert Klein of Aikido of Hilo said.

   Klein and his wife Barbara founded the Hilo Aikido Dojo in 1980 and this weekend will be celebrating its 30th anniversary with a Winter Aikido Camp.

   “Barbara is the chief instructor at our dojo,” Klein said of his wife.

   Both Robert and Barbara Klein are Rokudan, sixth degree black belt, and have trained in aikido for nearly 40 years.

   Aikido was founded during the early part of the 20th Century and was restricted to Japanese aristocracy and the elite members of the Japanese military.

   It was during the 1950’s that Aikido teachings were made public and have now spread worldwide.

   Over a four day period, from Feb. 12 to the 15th, Aikido of Hilo will be holding a series of events beginning this Friday at 7 p.m. with a public demonstration at Sangha Hall at the Honpa Hongwanji Hilo Betsuin.

   “The public demonstration is open to the public and we are asking for a $3 donation to help defray cost,” Gary Petrison said.

   Petrison, along with his son, recently got involved in Aikido and has become an enthusiastic supporter of the Way of Harmony according to Robert Klein.

   Coming from Aikido World Headquarters in Tokyo, Japan to take part in the four days of activities is Mitsuteru Ueshiba, Waka Sensei, and great grandson of the Morihei Ueshiba, the founder of Aikido.

   “It is a great honor for us to have Waka Sensei coming to visit us,” Robert Klein said.  “He is the direct descendent of the fourth generation of Aikido.

   Ueshiba, the son of the third and current Doshu (the title denoting the world leader of the original organization of Aikido) is someday expected to succeed his father in that role, becoming the Fourth Doshu.

   “Waka Sensei (Ueshiba) has traveled to many places in the world, but this is his first teaching visit ever to the US,” Klein said.

   “Invitations have been sent to all Hawaii dojos and to hundreds of dojos across the mainland,” Petrison said.  “We’re expecting a good turnout for our public demonstration and are excited about hosting these events.”

    The Klein’s believe that this is a once in a life time opportunity to see the great grandson of the founder of Aikido who may someday be the leader of the Aikikai.

   Joining the Klein’s as a featured instructor will be Randy Scoville from the Hawaii Aikido Federation on Oahu.  Scoville has obtained the Aikido rank of 7th degree black belt and is one of only a handful of Hawaii sensei to have obtained that level.

   Also joining the Klein’s and Scoville is Terumasa Hino of Hombu Dojo in Tokyo, and several instructors and students from Hawaii and the Mainland.

   “Seventy-five participants from more than 15 dojos will be here in Hilo for this special event,” Petrison said. 

  The Aikido participants will spend all day Saturday and Sunday and half the day on Monday in seminars and instructional periods as part of their Winter Camp.

   “We’ll conclude with a Celebratory Banquet at the Hilo Yacht Club on Monday,” Klein said. 

   Aikido of Hilo is one of five aikido dojos on Hawaii Island that continue to practice in the original teachings of the Ueshiba sensei and the Klein’s have the longest ongoing dojo on the island.

   Part of the Aikido philosophy can be found in its creed which states “To injure an opponent is to injure yourself.  To control aggression without inflicting injury is Aikido,” Morihei Ueshiba wrote.

  For more information on Aikido of Hilo’s 30th Anniversary Celebration go to www.aikidoofhilo.org/2010FebWinterCamp.html or email the Klein’s at aikidoofhilo@hawaiiantel.net.


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