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Keaau Middle Track Team Scores 50 medals at P&R Meet

Keaau Middle Track Coach Randee Arkin is all smiles as her squad brings home the gold

P&R TRACK MEET – Feb 20, 2010


Kainalu Burley – 2nd shot   Brandon Raney – 3rd 100, 1st relay

Isaiah Rosa – 1st high jump, 1st relay   James Sloan – 1st relay   Shaun Parker – 1st relay

Joshua Whitmore – 3rd shot   Kumalani Filoteo-Kekipi – 2nd relay   Brandon Aasve – 2nd relay

Dustin Kneidl – 2nd relay    Roy Martines – 2nd relay     Chase Peneku – 3rd 400

Jeffrey Ferrell – 3rd high jump, 3rd 200, 3rd 800

Sabrina Coverson – 1st high jump, 2nd 400, 1st relay   Brianna Cadaoas – 2nd high, 1st 200, 1st relay

Tazha Gonsalves – 1st shot put, 2nd 200, 1st relay           Laura Silva – 3rd high jump, 2nd relay

Sharae Mangauil-D’Amore – 2nd high jump, 2nd relay   Sally Hanabaga = 2nd relay   Alyssa Huihui – 2nd relay

Daysha Alameda – 1st high jump, 2nd 100, 1st relay    Hannah Osborn – 2nd 1200, 3rd 800

Marie Garcia – 3rd high jump    Eve Paguirigan – 1st 70,    Kanani Cook – 2nd 70, 2nd relay

Charnalyn Crivello – 1st relay               Lydia Turmelle – 2nd relay                 Sade Coverson – 1st relay

Alyssa Yamamoto – 2nd relay                     Natasha Naehu – 2nd relay

Keane Enos – 1st relay                           Kapua Cordero-Galasa – 2nd 400, 3rd relay

Hana Wilburn – 3rd relay      Kiana Akana – 3rd relay    Jade Kauwe – 3rd relay


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Suggestions to Ensure Good Bone Health as We Age

What can we do to ensure good bone health as we age?

What can you do to ensure bone health as you age? Here are a few suggestions:

 Exercise Regularly; Especially the Weight-Bearing Variety.  In the past few decades, mounting evidence suggests that most people do not participate in enough physical exercise to support strong skeletal growth. A research review published in Sports Health emphasizes that weight-bearing exercises, especially those that include higher levels of strain such as running or jumping, can be effective in enhancing bone health and preventing future diseases and injury.

 Eat Right and Take Bone-Building Supplements. Due to the mass consumption of processed, overcooked and nutrient-depleted foods, most people absorb and utilize too little calcium and vitamin D for good bone health – even if they’re eating foods that are high in both. However, eating a diet that consists primarily of fresh organic fruits and vegetables will do the trick, since most contain healthy levels of calcium, vitamin D and many other beneficial vitamins and minerals readily absorbed by the body.

 Dedicating oneself to getting enough calcium and vitamin D through an organic diet can be challenging, so supplementation becomes necessary. Remember that it’s important to get adequate amounts of calcium and vitamin D, since the latter improves absorption of the former.

 What about dairy products? Contrary to popular belief and advertising, dairy products, including cow’s milk, while containing high levels of calcium, are in a form that is not compatible with human digestion, assimilation and absorption. Typically, they also are high in saturated fat, can have high levels of pesticides, antibiotics and hormones, and if pasteurized, contain deactivated enzymes caused by high heat. Dairy products contain lactose, which many people have difficulty absorbing due to the lack of the digestive enzyme lactase.

 Many bone diseases such as osteoporosis and osteopenia are preventable and treatable. Since there are no obvious warning signs for many bone ailments, it is important to be aware of the risks and be proactive in being responsible for one’s own health primarily through diet, supplementation and resistance exercise. Talk to your doctor for more information.

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HHSAA Girls Basketball All Tournament Teams – D I and D II

Three Konawaena players made All Tournament Team

Division II
Adolpho, Kalei (Molokai)
Hooper-Juario, Danna Lynn (Molokai)
Noga, Joshlyn (Kahuku)
Wang, Tayler (Hawaii Prep)
Fa’asoa, Letishah (Kaimuki)
Most Outstanding Player–Fa’asoa, Dejah (Kaimuki)

Division I
Vieoa, Maiki (Lahainaluna)
Galdeira, Emalia (Konawaena)
Awa, Dawnyelle (Konawaena)
Maeda, Hailey-Ann (Punahou)
Wall, Anuhea (Konawaena)
Most Outstanding Player–Taufa, Milika (Lahainaluna)

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