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Washington Huskies, Aldrich and Tokolahi, helping youth

Kalani Aldrich

While thousands of college students were flooding the beaches in Cancun, Mexico and at Fort Lauderdale, Florida two Washington Husky football players were spending time talking with local youth about what it takes to play at the Division I collegiate level.

   Former Big Island Interscholastic Federation football standouts Kalani Aldrich and Semisi Tokolahi were in Hilo during the past week as they took a break from studies from the University of Washington where they are scholarship athletes.

   Upon return to Hilo both Aldrich and Tokolahi were contacted by Coach Frank Baker and recruited to make the rounds at Hilo and Waiakea High, along with some various Pop Warner football teams to speak with the younger people.

   “We talked to high school kids about the need to go through the NCAA Clearing House, that as students they need to aim for a 3.0 grade point average, and  they need to learn about time management, study habits and accountability,” Baker said.

   “Every time I come back home I try to help the community and helping Coach Baker was just part of showing kids that they can make it to the Division I level,” Aldrich said.  “I wanted to let them know that education is important in playing at the college level.  If they have any dreams of playing college ball they need to do good in school and work hard.”

   Aldrich, a 2007 Kamehameha-Keaau graduate, saw limited action during the 2009 season with the Huskies due to a knee injury he suffered in preseason camp.

   “I tweaked my knee during preseason and only got to play in seven of the 12 games during the season as we didn’t want to risk further injury,” Aldrich said.

   The 6’ 7”, 260 pound, defensive lineman, wearing number 50 (his high school number) Aldrich has worked hard to keep his spot on the team and maintain a good grade point average in school.

   “Playing Division I football is a good experience and it’s fun,” Aldrich said.  “At Washington I take full advantage of the tutoring and other help given to us because college is way harder than high school.”

Semisi Tokolahi

Former Hilo High football star Semisi Tokolahi was the Division I Player of the year as a senior in 2009, gained a full scholarship to attend the University of Washington where he saw playing time in his freshman year.

   “They’re all a lot bigger and a lot faster in college,” Tokolahi (who is 6’ 3” and 320 pounds) said.  “It was a big adjustment for me as I’m all on my own and everything depends on how much you want it.”

   Tokolahi saw limited action with the Huskies but has an optimistic attitude about fitting in and improving.

   “I actually got to play in five games and was on special team duty in a couple other games,” Tokolahi said.  “Seattle is such a big city and the University has an enormous campus.  Some classes have 600 students and it can be overwhelming at times, especially for someone from little Hilo.”

   “College is fun and there are many doors that opened for me,” Tokolahi said.  “At times there is a lot of pressure with football and school and not being home.”

   During his Spring Break Tokolahi wanted to get the important messages of staying drug free and studying hard to allow the opportunity to play collegiate sports.

  “The message we sent to those kids that we spoke with was, if we can do it so can they,” Tokolahi said.  “We sent positive messages about education and being a leader on and off the field.”

   The University of Washington emphasizes several rules to their players, which include: #1 Protecting the Team,  #2 Be on time (which means 10 minutes early) and #3 No excuses.

  “The demands of playing at the Division I level are extreme and there are severe consequences for breaking team rules,” Aldrich said.

   Aldrich and Tokolahi have left for Washington over the weekend and will resume classes on Monday and report to Spring Football Practice on Tuesday.

  “We’re looking forward to getting back and studying in the classroom and working hard at practice,” Aldrich said.

   “Semisi (Tokolahi) and Kalani (Aldrich) also talked about drug and alcohol use and to stay off steroids and street drugs,” Coach Baker said.  “All the time these guys (prep kids wanting to play college sports) work at being a 3.0 student so that they can become smart, then why use drugs or drink to become stupid?”

   Baker, who has been a coach at several BIIF football schools which includes Pahoa, Kamehameha and Hilo, wanted to expose young people to the many important aspects of getting ahead in sports which are beyond just being a talented athlete.

  “I’ve been a volunteer coach for many years and my paybacks are seeing these young Big Island boys turn into men who are able to be leaders in our community,” Baker said.


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Kaemehameha’s Charles Heaukulani Sharing Life Lessons

Kelley and Charles Heaukulani

Vince Lombardi once said, “A man can be as great as he wants to be.  If you believe in yourself and have the courage, the determination, the dedication, the competitive drive and if you are willing to sacrifice the little things in life and pay the price for the things that are worthwhile, it can be done.”

  The great Green Bay Packer coach from the 1950’s and 60’s was right for his time and today a new generation of coaches are taking those words a step further to include both genders.

   Kamehameha girl’s soccer coach, Charles Heaukulani, believes that women should be afforded the same opportunities in sports life lessons that men have always had.

   “With only a limited number of contact sports for girls, I think competitive soccer is a great opportunity to experiment with these life skills,” Heaukulani said.  “To be successful in soccer, our girls need to be exceptionally fit and have technical skills, but what ultimately makes them successful is that they possess toughness, hardness and physical courage.”

  Heaukulani, who grew up playing football, basketball, volleyball, soccer, baseball, team handball, weight training, paddling, surfing, golf, tennis, racquetball and more, believes in offering his players every advantage possible in learning a variety of life skills.

   “I believe that the skill set that gives a young lady some success on the soccer field translates easily to the classroom, boardroom, courtroom or whatever else she decides to make her mark,” he said.  “As a coach, there is hardly anything more satisfying to me than to coach up a girl from elementary school and watch her develop and use skills she acquired in soccer as a springboard to a college degree and a happy, productive, successful life and career.”

  Heaukulani grew up in a military family and traveled extensively as a youth, but always consider Hawaii his home.

   “My father was born and raised on the Hamakua Coast,” he said.  “My mother and her family are originally from Germany.  We traveled a lot when I was growing up, but we always kept Hawaii as our home base.”

   Heaukulani graduated from Punahou where he played football and basketball.  Later attended the University of Hawaii at Manoa where he obtain a Bachelor and Masters Degree and obtained a law degree from the William S. Richardson School of Law.

   “My entire family was actively involved in sports when I was growing up,” Heaukulani said.  “My father was a coach and my Mom, three brothers and I were active sports nuts.”

   As a result of his involvement in youth sports Heaukulani continued to stay active as a young adult by playing in softball and volleyball leagues, practiced Aikido and other martial arts, and spent time in the ocean, surfing and diving.


   “I am a second-generation coach,” he said.  “My Dad was actively involved coaching football, basketball, and baseball, and it never occurred to me that I would not follow in his footsteps.  I started taking coaching courses and getting opportunities to coach elementary age kids when I was still at Punahou.”

  Now coaching girl’s soccer at Kamehameha, Heaukulani believes in the words of Coach Vince Lombardi, that athletes can achieve anything if they want it bad enough.

   “I really enjoy working with young people and using soccer, competition and team-building to help them develop life skills that will help them be productive and successful long after they have left high school,” Heaukulani said. 

   “I tell my players that if they want it bad enough, are willing to sacrifice to obtain it, there is absolutely nothing that is beyond them,” he said.

  Heaukulani is also a believer in the benefits of health and fitness and continues to be a role model for his players and for the community.

   “I enjoy the health benefits of staying in shape, but working out really helps me control the stress of a busy litigation practice and coaching schedule,” he said.

   Heaukulani runs regularly, to relieve stress and stay in shape, and he will also do weight training to compliment his fitness routine.

   “I think Hilo Bayfront and the Hamakua Coast are the most beautiful running routes on the planet, and running is important to me and it is also something that Kelley (his wife) and I can do together,” he said.

   “I do something every day and cross-train with strength and core workouts and now play on my new stand-up paddle board, thanks to a Christmas gift from Kelley” Heaukulani said.

   As for diet Heaukulani does not eat any animal-based products, other than fish, and will avoid refined foods.  “I try to eat whole grains, vegetables, fruits and legumes,” he said.

   Heaukulani serves as an excellent role model for our youth as he continues to promote the virtues of good health through physical fitness and a balance diet as he constantly strives to teach life skills through sports.

   “My Dad left a letter for me to read after he was gone,” Heaukulani said.  “He said that at the end, nobody ever regretted not spending more time at the office.  I have a busy schedule, but I try not to forget that what is really important is your walk with Akua (God) and the family and friends you have around you.”

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BIIF Track Stars: Chung, Nicolaisen, Estrada and Scott


She may not be a super hero by Shina Chung can leap over roof tops with a single bound.

The 5’ 2” Viking, who weighs in at 125 pounds, is the defending girl’s pole vault champion going into the Big Island Interscholastic Federation track and field season.

   Chung won the BIIF championship last season with a state qualifying height of 8 feet 6 inches and kicked off the 2010 season this past Saturday at an Eastside Meet held at Kamehameha with an equaling clearance.

   “I’m not one to make predictions,” Hilo pole vault coach Sherman Viernes said.  “But Shina will go over 9 feet this season.”

   The Hilo sophomore attributes all of her success to good coaching and her desire to succeed.

   “I work hard and I’m very committed,” Chung said.  “A lot of people can do well at this event if they just have the determination.”

   Chung was also on the track running in the 200 dash and helping her team in both the 400 and 1600 meter relay events, but her love is in doing the pole vault.

   “I’m doing well because my coach (Viernes) is very good,” she said.  “I still need to work on my technique to be able to go higher.”

   “When I first saw her I figured she would do well in this event,” Viernes said.  “She has good biomechanics and big shoulders which are important factors in vaulting.”


   Another youngster, Kau freshman Marley Strand-Nicolaisen, was also turning heads on the track over the weekend.  The youngster made her prep debut in the hurdles, triple jump, high jump and the 400 meter relay.

   With Kau continuing to turn out some of the best athletes in the state Strand-Nicolaisen’s left an indelible foot print on the track as the young Trojan won the 100 meter hurdles and the triple jump, both in convincing fashion.

   Strand-Nicolaisen older sister, Sarah, was a state champion in both the 100 and 300 hurdles in 2005 and again in 2007, and Trojan Jacob Edwards is the defending 2009 state hurdles champion.

   “My sister, Sarah, actually motivates me to do well in the hurdles,” she said.  “She will also take me to the Kamehameha track twice a week so that I can get used to running on that type of surface.”

   Kau’s track and field team is limited to a grass surface to do their workouts, yet has turned out two state champions in the hurdles and Strand-Nicolaisen knows she has large shoes to fill.

   “I know I have big shoes to follow,” Strand-Nicolaisen said.  “But I have big feet to fit into them!”


Keaau sophomore Randi Estrada was back on the track over the weekend doing her signature event, the 400 meter dash.  Last season, as a freshman, Estrada won the BIIF title in the 400 and went on to place third at the state championships.

   Leading a pack of talented runners around the oval Estrada won in a hand time of 1:03.7 but was disappointed with her performance.

   “I think I could have done better,” she said.  “Last year I ran 60.6 seconds at the state meet and this year I’ve set my goal at breaking the 60 second mark.”

   Estrada also placed second in the high jump, helped the Cougars to a second place finish in the 1600 relay and anchored the 4×100 team to a narrow victory over a fast Kamehameha squad.

   “I missed a lot of practice with the Haili Volleyball Tournament going on, so now I’ll need to focus more on doing better in track,” Estrada said.


Waiakea senior Ka’imi Scott displayed why he is the defending boys BIIF champion for both the 200 and 400 meter runs.

   Scott started the day with a third place finish in the 100 dash before shifting gears to claim victory in the 400 and later the 200 meter dash.  During the last event of the day Scott anchored the Warriors to a second place finish in the 1600 meter relay event.

   “I’d like to be able to win the BIIF championships in the 100, 200 and 400 this year,” Scott said.  “The 200 is my favorite event because I don’t really need to think and I’m strong enough to just go all out.  In the 400 there is too much thinking during the race and it causes me to be nervous.”

   In his final year as a prep star Scott has set his sights high in achieving personal best times in all three sprint races.

   “I’m looking at breaking 50 seconds for the 400 (PR is 51.2) and going around 22.3 for the 200 (22.6 PR),” he said.  “I medaled at state in the 200 last season and finished seventh in the 400, but I’m hoping to improve on both.”

   With the lack of two Fully Automated Timing systems, BIIF officials decided that the opening Western and Eastern Divisional Meets would be hand timed this past Saturday.

   Coming up this Saturday is a split divisional meet for track & field with Konawaena hosting the West Division starting at 9 am and Keaau hosting the East Division at 2 pm.

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Kealakehe’s Doubles Switch Pays Dividends in BIIF Tennis

Kealakehe's Jeff Gelman and CJ Daub - #1 BIIF doubles team

   Considered to be one of the biggest tennis matches in the Big Island Interscholastic Federation regular season Waiakea and Kealakehe, two undefeated teams, went head to head on Saturday.

   The ‘Riders traveled to Waiakea in a showdown to determine who would be the top dog in BIIF team tennis as the two teams waited from the sidelines for two hours while rain delayed play.

   Both matches were decided by each schools number 3 doubles teams with Waiakea winning the girls, 3-2, and Kealakehe taking the boys by the same score.

   “I think, for us, this is one of the most important games of the season,” Waiakea boys coach Bill Brilhante, Jr. said prior to the match.  “I decided to play a straight up line up and fell victim to a lineup switch by Kealakehe.”

    With Waiakea having two of the top individual players in the BIIF and Kealakehe returning the league’s best doubles champions in Chandler “CJ” Daub and Jeffrey Gelman the showdown rested with the lineup changes produced by ‘Rider coach Jerome Kanuha. 

  “I knew they had better singles players than us,” Kanuha said.  “I decided to take my top singles player and put him into the doubles lineup.”

   The strategy paid off for the crafty Kanuha as Waiakea swept the two singles matches and Kealakehe won the three doubles matches to walk away with the 3-2 team victory over the Warriors.

  The Waiakea boys showcased two of their best individual players in Kaito Mizutani and Kallen Mizuguchi.


“Kaito (Mizutani) is ranked #2 in the state for boys 16 and Kallen (Mizuguchi) is ranked at #5 in the state for boys 18,” Coach Brilhante said.

  Mizuguchi made easy work out of ‘Rider Chase Richmond winning in straight sets of 6-1.

   “The only thing working today was my serve,” Mizuguchi said after the match.  “I was thrown off a little when he (Richmond) played at a different pace.  I was expecting something harder and faster and he kept changing the speed and that threw me off.”

   Mizuguchi played a solid all around game with a lightning fast serve and six aces to go with a consistent ground game.

   “My backhand is the most improved part of my game from last year,” Mizuguchi said.  “I think I got everything going in my game, but I still need to work on the mental aspects.  I took a long break by spending two weeks in Japan and it feels like I’m slowly coming back.”


The Warriors number two seed, Kaito Mizutani, won in straight sets 6-1, 6-0 over Aaron Hudman and also displayed a good all around game.

   “He’s (Hudman) pretty much the best I’ve played this season,” Mizutani said.  “I still need to keep working on the basics, my forehand and backhand, and I need to be more patient and not go after every shot.”

   Meanwhile defending BIIF doubles champions, CJ Daub and Jeffrey Gelman, was showing why they have yet to lose a regular season match in league play as they won 6-4, 6-1 over Warriors Chad Hara and Isaiah Brilhante.

   “We’ve been playing together for five years and we get along well and have a good friendship,” Gelman said.

   The duo won the doubles championships last year as freshman and look to continue their domination.

   “We’ve known each other since preschool and we like playing together,” Daub said.

   Kealakehe’s #2 doubles team of Shoyo Tsukamoto and Spencer Travalino defeated Garry Murayama and Caden Yamamoto 6-0, 6-1 and teammates Dillon Castillo and Chris Lysiuk beat Waiakea’s Chris Simons and Kris Shigehara 6-2, 7-5.

   For the girls it was Kealakehe’s three time BIIF individual champion, Sayo Tsukamoto, beating a talented Ceara Sumida by identical scores of 6-1.


‘Rider teammate Daisy Green, playing in the #2 singles spot, defeated Warrior Leisha Ishikawa in straight sets of 6-0.

   Playing in the shadow of Tsukamoto, Green has quietly gone undefeated in BIIF regular season play last year as a freshman and continues her streak into her sophomore year.

   “I make less mistakes that the people I play and I just wait for them to make the errors,” Green said.  “I use top spin on my serves and my ground stokes have worked well for me.  I just need to be more aggressive and not sit back on the ball.”

  With the two individual matches going to the Kealakehe the defending girl’s team champions had to just sit back and wait for one of their doubles teams to come through with a win.

  Waiakea bounced back when their doubles teams swept Kealakehe to win the overall team scoring 3-2.

   For Warriors #1 doubles team of Samantha Maesato and Chelsea Sato is was a marathon afternoon that went the full three sets.  The Warriors beat the talented duo of Crystal Makaiwi and Kristen Winther 6-3, 2-6 and 7-5.

   In the #2 doubles match it was Warriors Kaede Kanzawa and Stephanie Matsuura beating out Tiera Makaiwi and Tammi Nedlic, 6-2, 6-4 to make things interesting.

   Like in the boys play everything came down to the #3 doubles team of Warriors Qiana Hironaka and Shala Kushi who made a comeback against Lauren Fujino and Maura Montenero.

   After losing the first set 6-3 the Warrior duo rallied to win the second set 7-5 and closed the team victory with a final 6-3 score.

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BIIF Track & Field Eastside Results – Top 6

BIIF Eastside Season Opener                         

                 Kamehameha Schools Hawaii Campus  – 3/27/2010       Kea’au, HI                     Results                                   

 Girls 100 Meter Dash

  1 Bronte Kaneakua           SR Kamehameha HI            13.3h   3  10  

  2 Teisha Nacis              SO Waiakea                  13.4h   3   8  

  3 Kailyn Chock              SR Waiakea                  13.6h   3   6  

  4 Rose Nakamura             FR Hilo                     13.8h   2   4  

  5 Aloha Bohol               JR Hilo                     14.0h   3   2  

  6 Abigail Houston           FR Keaau                    14.3h   3   1  

Girls 200 Meter Dash

  1 Bronte Kaneakua           SR Kamehameha HI            27.8h   2  10  

  2 Shina Chung               SO Hilo                     28.4h   2   8  

  3 Aloha Bohol               JR Hilo                     28.4h   1   6  

  4 Rose Nakamura             FR Hilo                     29.8h   2   4  

  5 Marley Strand-Nicolaisen  FR Ka’u                     30.0h   2   2  

  6 Lillie Davis              FR Keaau                    30.8h   1   1  

 Girls 400 Meter Dash

  1 Randi Estrada             SO Keaau                  1:03.7h   2  10  

  2 Teisha Nacis              SO Waiakea                1:06.9h   2   8  

  3 Karley Swain              SO Waiakea                1:13.5h   1   6  

  4 Kiana Heaukulani          FR Hilo                   1:15.7h   2   4  

  5 Vandey Okinaka            FR Waiakea                1:16.1h   1   2  

  6 Angeline Hoke             SR Waiakea                1:16.7h   2   1  

Girls 800 Meter Run

  1 Kailyn Chock              SR Waiakea                2:36.2h   10  

  2 Deann Nishimura-Thornton  SO Keaau                  2:37.1h    8  

  3 Claire Uetake             SR Hilo                   2:39.3h    6  

  4 Corin Kim                 SO Kamehameha HI          2:52.2h    4  

  5 Jessica Busek             FR Waiakea                2:53.5h    2  

  6 Karina Lawrence           SO Hilo                   2:54.2h    1  

 Girls 1500 Meter Run

1 Traci Palaermo            JR Hilo                   5:29.2h   10  
  2 Deann Nishimura-Thornton  SO Keaau                  5:31.8h    8  
—->  3 Kelsie Kobayashi          SO Waiakea                5:32.0h    6  
  4 Karina Lawrence           SO Hilo                   5:58.0h    4  
  5 Erin Carvalho             SO Kamehameha HI          6:01.9h    2  
  6 Hannah Hendershot         FR Waiakea                6:23.5h    1  

Girls 3000 meter run
   1 Shalila DE Bourmont       SO Hilo                  11:58.6h   10  

  2 Kelsie Kobayashi          SO Waiakea               12:24.1h    8  

  3 Natalie Hagemann          FR Keaau                 13:18.2h    6  

  4 Erin Carvalho             SO Kamehameha HI         13:40.6h    4  

Girls 100 Meter Hurdles

  1 Marley Strand-Nicolaisen  FR Ka’u                     18.0h   2  10  

  2 Alyssa Lehua McGuire      FR Kamehameha HI            18.0h   2   8  

  3 Abyssinia Hammouri-Davis  FR Keaau                    18.4h   2   6  

  4 Alisha Gangwes            SR Ka’u                     18.8h   1   4  

  5 Raycee Cooke              SO Hilo                     18.9h   1   2  

  6 Alyssa Hoshida            JR Hilo                     19.1h   2   1  

Girls 300 Meter Hurdles

  1 Azmera Hammouri-Davis     SO Keaau                    52.8h   2  10  

  2 Bronte Kaneakua           SR Kamehameha HI            52.9h   2   8  

  3 Kristina Padrigo          FR Ka’u                     53.1h   1   6  

  4 Alyssa Hoshida            JR Hilo                     54.0h   2   4  

  5 Alyssa Lehua McGuire      FR Kamehameha HI            55.6h   2   2  

  6 Bree Delacruz             SO Hilo                     55.7h   1   1  

Girls 4×100 Meter Relay

  1 Keaau High School                                     54.8h   10  

  2 Kamehameha Schools Hawaii                             54.8h    8  

  3 Hilo                                                  55.5h    6  

  4 Waiakea                                             1:01.5h    4  

 — Ka’u High School                                         DQ   zone violation 3rd e

Girls 4×400 Meter Relay

  1 Hilo                                                4:32.4h   10  

  2 Keaau High School                                   4:35.7h    8  

  3 Waiakea                                             4:47.4h    6  

  4 Kamehameha Schools Hawaii                           4:50.7h    4  

Girls High Jump

  1 Erika Cushnie             SR Waiakea                5-00.00   10  

  2 Randi Estrada             SO Keaau                  4-06.00    8  

  3 Marley Strand-Nicolaisen  FR Ka’u                  J4-06.00    6  

  4 Holly Lambert             SR Waiakea               J4-06.00    4  

  5 Jessica Busek             FR Waiakea                4-02.00    2  

Girls Pole Vault

  1 Shina Chung               SO Hilo                   8-06.00   10  

  2 Kaylee Rapoza             FR Hilo                   7-00.00    8  

  3 Kimberly Renee Hodson     JR Kamehameha HI         J7-00.00    6  

  4 Alyssa Lehua McGuire      FR Kamehameha HI          6-06.00    4  

  5 Rose Nakamura             FR Hilo                   6-00.00    2  

Girls Long Jump

  1 Natasha Ah Chong          SR Kamehameha HI         14-11.00   10  

  2 Jessica Busek             FR Waiakea               13-04.25    8  

  3 Kaila Olson               FR Ka’u                  13-03.25    6  

  4 Vandey Okinaka            FR Waiakea               12-06.75    4  

  5 Olivia Azevedo            SO Kamehameha HI         12-00.75    2  

  6 Shani Cosma               FR Keaau                 11-06.50    1  

Girls Triple Jump

  1 Marley Strand-Nicolaisen  FR Ka’u                  32-00.75   10  

  2 Azmera Hammouri-Davis     SO Keaau                 30-08.00    8  

  3 Shani Cosma               FR Keaau                 26-01.75    6  

Girls Shot Put

  1 Linda Sunia               JR Hilo                  35-03.50   10  

  2 Kaopua Sutton             SR Kamehameha HI         31-05.50    8  

  3 Jacquelyn Kaio-Goo        SR Keaau                 28-00.00    6  

  4 Alyssa Areola             SO Keaau                 26-01.25    4  

  5 Angeline Hoke             SR Waiakea               26-00.00    2  

  6 Ariel Brown               FR Pahoa                 24-09.75    1  

Girls Discus Throw

  1 Kaopua Sutton             SR Kamehameha HI         98-00.50   10  

  2 Janna Urakami             JR Waiakea               88-06.50    8  

  3 Jacquelyn Kaio-Goo        SR Keaau                    84-06    6  

  4 Linda Sunia               JR Hilo                  79-08.50    4  

  5 Jasmine Iuta              FR Kamehameha HI            70-04    2  

  6 Ariel Brown               FR Pahoa                    65-10    1  

Boys 100 Meter Dash

  1 Kaenen Akau               SO Kamehameha HI            11.1h   5  10  

  2 Jesse Huihui              SO Keaau                    11.2h   5   8  

  3 Kaimi Scott               SR Waiakea                  11.4h   5   6  

  4 Talon Ota                 FR Keaau                    11.5h   1   4  

  5 Michael Morikawa          FR Waiakea                  11.5h   2   2  

  6 Kason Marques             JR Keaau                    11.6h   2   1  

Boys 200 Meter Dash

  1 Kaimi Scott               SR Waiakea                  23.3h   5  10  

  2 Jesse Huihui              SO Keaau                    23.8h   2   8  

  3 Francis Blas III          SR Kamehameha HI            24.0h   1   6  

  4 Kristian Martinez         SO Hilo                     24.4h   5   4  

  5 Collins Mattos            SR Hilo                     24.5h   5   2  

  6 Luke Leasure              SR Waiakea                  24.7h   5   1  

Boys 400 Meter Dash

  1 Kaimi Scott               SR Waiakea                  52.4h   2  10  

  2 Richard Moylan            SR Christian Libert         53.4h   2   8  

  3 Jordan Decoito            SR Hilo                     55.3h   2   6   

  4 Travis Winters            SO Waiakea                  55.4h   2   4  

  5 Jacob St George           SR Waiakea                  56.4h   2   2  

  6 Talon Ota                 FR Keaau                    56.5h   2   1  

Boys 800 Meter Run

  1 Daniel Brooks             SR Keaau                  2:06.3h   10  

  2 Jeremy Grotenhuis         SR Christian Libert       2:11.6h    8  

  3 Jackson Halford           SO Waiakea                2:12.7h    6  

  4 Tyde Kunishiro            JR Hilo                   2:13.9h    4  

  5 John Fratinardo           SR Kamehameha HI          2:14.3h    2  

  6 Wayne Pavao               JR Keaau                  2:17.53    1  

Boys 1500 Meter Run

  1 Daniel Brooks             SR Keaau                  4:27.4h   10  

  2 Jackson Halford           SO Waiakea                4:45.0h    8  

  3 Kevin Olsen               JR Keaau                  4:45.9h    6  

  4 Tyde Kunishiro            JR Hilo                   4:47.1h    4  

  5 Wayne Pavao               JR Keaau                  4:47.3h    2  

  6 John Fratinardo           SR Kamehameha HI          4:54.9h    1  

Boys 3000 Meter Run

  1 Johan Kaipers             SO Hilo                  10:29.7h   10  

  2 John Fratinardo           SR Kamehameha HI         11:00.3h    8  

  3 Jordan Grotenhuis         FR Christian Libert      11:15.5h    6  

  4 BO Rasse                  SR Waiakea               11:22.1h    4  

  5 James Clubbs              JR Keaau                 11:29.1h    2  

Boys 110 Meter Hurdles

  1 Francis Blas III          SR Kamehameha HI            16.3h    1   10

  2 Everett McKee             JR Kamehameha HI            16.4h   2   8  

  3 Cameron Calistro          SR Hilo                     17.1h   2   6  

  4 Easten Tanimoto           SO Kamehameha HI            17.9h   1   4  

  5 Dan Taylor                JR Hilo                     18.4h   1   2  

  6 Dylan Alip                SO Kamehameha HI            19.5h   1   1  

Boys 300 Meter Hurdles

  1 Cameron Calistro          SR Hilo                     41.9h   3  10  

  2 Francis Blas III          SR Kamehameha HI            42.2h   3   8  

  3 Everett McKee             JR Kamehameha HI            43.4h   3   6  

  4 Damien Packer             SO Keaau                    44.8h   3   4  

  5 Cliff Eriksson            SO Keaau                    44.8h   2   2  

  6 Sai Weiss                 SR Hilo                     45.2h   3   1  

Boys 4×100 Meter Relay

  1 Kamehameha Schools Hawaii                             44.4h   10  

  2 Keaau High School                                     45.2h    8  

  3 Hilo                                                  47.1h    6  

  4 Hilo  ‘B’                                             48.1h 

  5 Ka’u High School                                      53.1h    4  

Boys 4×400 Meter Relay

  1 Hilo                                                3:47.6h   10  

  2 Waiakea                                             3:48.7h    8  

  3 Hilo  ‘B’                                           3:51.8h 

  4 Keaau High School                                   3:54.9h    6  

  5 Waiakea  ‘B’                                        4:19.2h 

  6 Ka’u High School                                    4:25.5h    4  

Boys High Jump

  1 Cliff Eriksson            SO Keaau                  5-04.00   10  

  2 Jacob St George           SR Waiakea                5-02.00    7  

  2 Easten Tanimoto           SO Kamehameha HI          5-02.00    7  

  4 Ka’u Eggers               SO Keaau                 J5-02.00    4  

  5 Joseph Ola                SO Keaau                  5-00.00    2  

Boys Pole Vault

  1 Wong LI                   SR Hilo                  11-00.00    9  

  1 Billy Ray                 JR Hilo                  11-00.00    9  

  3 Nelson Enos               SO Keaau                J11-00.00    6  

  4 Isaac DeRego              SR Kamehameha HI         10-00.00    4  

  5 Max Shimamoto             SR Kamehameha HI        J10-00.00    2  

Boys Long Jump

  1 Kaenen Akau               SO Kamehameha HI         21-05.25   10  

  2 Jacob Edwards             SR Ka’u                  20-05.25    8  

  3 Manta Dircks              SR Kamehameha HI         20-04.00    6  

  4 Alika Kaopua              SO Ka’u                  19-10.50    4  

  5 Michael Morikawa          FR Waiakea               18-09.00    2  

  6 Emilio Vallejo            JR Waiakea               18-00.50    1  

Boys Triple Jump

  1 Manta Dircks              SR Kamehameha HI         40-07.00   10  

  2 Damien Packer             SO Keaau                 39-10.00    8  

  3 Michael Morikawa          FR Waiakea               38-08.75    6  

  4 Travis Winters            SO Waiakea               37-06.75    4  

  5 Ka’u Eggers               SO Keaau                 37-05.50    2  

  6 Cameron Anderson          SO Waiakea               35-06.50    1  

Boys Shot Put

  1 David Kekuewa             SR Kamehameha HI         42-08.00   10  

  2 Hawk Hanoa                JR Kamehameha HI         41-08.25    8  

  3 Kainoa Crum               SR Kamehameha HI         39-03.00    6  

  4 Kyle Tirrell              JR Hilo                  38-07.25    4  

  5 Ilati Sipinga             JR Hilo                  37-01.00    2  

  6 Derrick Krygier           SR Pahoa                 35-03.50    1  

Boys Discus Throw

  1 David Kekuewa             SR Kamehameha HI           123-05   10  

  2 Kainoa Crum               SR Kamehameha HI        117-10.50    8  

  3 Hawk Hanoa                JR Kamehameha HI        115-04.50    6  

  4 Kyle Tirrell              JR Hilo                    111-08    4  

  5 Derrick Krygier           SR Pahoa                110-07.50    2  

  6 Dathan Toribio            SR Keaau                   106-02    1  

                    Women – Team Rankings – 16 Events Scored


    1) Hilo                       119        2) Keaau High School         107  

    3) Kamehameha Schools Hawaii  104        4) Waiakea                   102  

    5) Ka’u High School            44        6) Pahoa                       2  

                    Men – Team Rankings – 16 Events Scored


    1) Kamehameha Schools Hawaii  162        2) Keaau High School         106  

    3) Hilo                        93        4) Waiakea                    82  

    5) Christian Liberty           22        6) Ka’u High School           20  

    7) Pahoa                        3

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