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Big Island International Marathon Weekend is Here!

13th Annual BIIM takes place in less than 48 hours

Big Island International Marathon Weekend

Starting tonight, March 19, the BIIM will be hosting a Carbo Load Dinner Party at the Hilo Hawaiian Moku Ola Room from 6 pm to………….

On Saturday, March 20, we will have a Health & Fitness Expo in conjunction with packet pick up, again at the Hilo Hawaiian Hotel, Moku Ola Room from noon to 6 pm.

Then on Sunday, March 21, the BIIM presents the 13th Annual full marathon (26.2-miles), half marathon (13.1-miles) and 5K (3.1-miles.

Sometime Sunday evening this blog will post photo’s and results from the BIIM, so stay tuned.


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What is the best Running Temperature?

Running in Rainbow Paradise

Optimum Temperature for Exercising

With the Big Island International Marathon taking place this weekend questions abound about our heat and humidity.  Depending on our morning conditions temperature at race time can vary from 60 degrees to 70 degrees and is almost certain to climb with each passing hour.

I always suggest that runners and walkers in the full marathon and half marathon drink at every water station, which are placed two miles apart along the scenic course.

But what is the best temperature to run your optimal race?

More than 70% of the energy that powers our muscles is lost as heat, causing our body temperature to rise during exercise. To keep our body temperature from rising too high, our heart pumps the heat in our blood from our muscles to our skin, we sweat and it evaporates to cool our body.

A survey in RunnersWorld.com of marathon finish times suggests that 55°F is the ideal temperature to run long distances (such as a marathon). A temperature of 35°F or 75°F adds 7% to our time, and an 85°F day adds 10%.

So I guess we can deduct seven to ten percent of our overall finishers time this weekend to determine what we would have done if we raced in ideal conditions.  But then again, isn’t racing in Hawaii, worth it all?

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