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Coming in Last in a Marathon is Still a Winner!

Marathon Maniac, Edmund Loy

    Edmund Loy crossed the finish line on Sunday at the Big Island International Marathon (26.2-miles) in last place in a time of 6 hours and 53 minutes, just seven minutes ahead of the 7 hour time limit.

   Loy, 30 year old, from Honolulu never gave up and clocked each of the 26 miles at a 15 minute 45 second pace.  What many non runners don’t understand is that Loy, despite finishing last in the race, is still a champion and a success.

   Running and racing is about finishing what you start – no matter what place you might be in.  Loy is one of less than two percent of the American population that can complete a full 26.2 mile race and, along with the overall and age group champions, should be congratulated for his accomplishments.

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