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Blanka Vlastic clears 6′ 7.92″ to claim #1 High Jump Spot in World

Blanka Vlasic clears 6 feet 7.92 inches

Blanka Vlasic is the new world championship in high jump, adding to her outdoor gold medal another one, the indoor one.

Croatia’s Blanka Vlasic has continued her streak of victories and has become the world champion in indoor high jump in Valencia.

Vlasic started the competition at the World Indoor Championships by jumping over 184 and 191 centimeters with flying colors. She missed on jumping 188 and 193 centimeters. Her competitors already had trouble at these heights and only Aitova, Savchenko and Beitia jumped over the 195 cm bar (6.4 feet).

Vlasic continued and jumped over 199 centimeters (6.53 feet) from the first try. Only five competitors were left to jump over 201 centimeters. The first to jump that height was Slesarenko, but Vlasic followed.  Vita Palamar also jumped successfully. Vlasic was assured a medal, but she had to go for the gold.

All three failed to jump over 203 centimeters (6 feet 7.92 inches) on their first try, but in the second try only Vlasic succeeded. This height was too much for Slesarenko and Palamar and Vlasic, thus, won the gold medal.

Vlasic tried going for the world indoor record at 209 centimeters (6 feet 10.82 inches), but failed in three tries.

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