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HHSAA Division II Baseball All-Tournament Team Announced

KS-Hawaii Jayce Carvalho

HHSAA Baseball Division II All-Tournament Team:

Infield: Mana Perreira-Alquiza, Waimea

Ryan Rice, Hawaii Prep

Gavin Jardin, Waimea

Micah Rita, Waimea

Outfield: Craig Shoji, Maryknoll

Trevor Ventura, St. Anthony

Adam Andrade, KS-Hawaii

Pitcher: Shylen-John Keuma, Waimea

Maverick Kang, KS-Hawaii

Mana Moike, KS-Hawaii

Catcher: Gideon Kalili, KS-Hawaii

Designated Hitter: Jayce Carvalho, KS-Hawaii

 Utility: Jarret Stinger, St. Anthony

 Most Outstanding Player: Kalani Fernandez, Waimea

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  1. Congrats to the KS – Hawaii high school baseball team, for making it to the BIG dance (D-II State Championship) when alot of individuals never thought you’d make it that far!!!

    Also, Congratulations to the 6 all-state players from the Big Island:

    Ryan Rice, Hawaii Prep
    Adam Andrade, KS-Hawaii
    Maverick Kang, KS-Hawaii
    Mana Moike, KS-Hawaii
    Gideon Kalili, KS-Hawaii
    Jayce Carvalho, KS-Hawaii

    Pretty neat site Wayne!!!!

    Comment by Dave | May 11, 2010 | Reply

  2. Awesome! Way to represent! If I had to pick…the most outstanding player of the tournament was Jayce Carvalho even though he was a DH. He showed leadership, character, and he did very well!

    Comment by BIIFlover | May 17, 2010 | Reply

  3. Interesting that I found this site. While KS Hawaii to me was the best team in the tournament, it was embarrasing to see the lack of class a few parents exhibited in the Maryknoll game. With KS Hawaii runners on base, one fool in the stands sitting in the front row is yelling, “Runner, runner!,” when the Maryknoll pitcher is in the middle of his motion. The timing of when this guy yelled was to basically throw off the pitcher (runner wasn’t running), and truly showed a total disregard for sportsmanship. The parents in the stands, semmingly, many thought this guy was funny. It was a good strategy for you as it disrupted the Maryknoll pitcher. My guess is this fool thought he was doing this for the good of the team, but really showed the lack of integrity and respect for the game. No one from KS stopped him so it really showed everyone in the state that Kamehameha Hawaii parents lack sportsmanship.

    As a former Waiakea Pirate and a Homestead youth league player (went to Waiakeawaena, Waiakea Int., and grad from Hilo High) I was embarrased that this teams parents would put up with this guy and another moke sitting in the top row that was equally disrespectful. I was shame that day that I was from Hilo!

    The only redeeming thing that came from the game is that I got to talk to my former coach, Uncle Jimmy.

    Comment by Homestead | July 25, 2010 | Reply

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