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Meditation helps maintain an Overall Healthier Lifestyle

Meditate to Reduce Stress

   Many people find that meditation helps to reduce stress,  reaching mental tranquility, focusing attention and maintaining an overall healthier lifestyle. In fact, the results of more than 1,000 peer-reviewed articles on meditation suggest that regular practice of meditation is associated with “significant relief from a variety of stress related physical and mental problems, a stronger immune system, longer life, increased energy and positive changes in brain function.”

If you have never meditated before, why not give it a try? It might seem awkward at first, but if you stick to it, you will find yourself enjoying it more and more. There are many types of meditation, all of which help lead you toward greater mental and physical tranquility and a sense of focus.

The following are some suggestions as an introduction to the practice of meditation.

Choose a relaxing, low-light location free from distractions. Remember, this is un-interrupted “you” time.
Sit comfortably on the floor, in a chair with your back straight, or perhaps in your garden or your favorite quiet space, which could be near the ocean, a lake or any other relaxing body of water.
Close your eyes and slowly take deep breaths.
Try to focus only on your breathing, the rise and fall of your abdomen, and how the air feels as each breath goes in and comes out.
As external thoughts start to pass through your mind, calmly acknowledge them and bring your focus back to the sensation of your breathing.
End your session by opening your eyes and allowing yourself to gently return to your normal daily routine feeling relaxed and refreshed.

And that’s the simple, relaxing, invigorating art of meditation! If you’re experiencing stress or any other condition that requires you “take it a little easier,” meditation may be a perfect place to start.


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