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Hilo’s Relay for Life promotes cancer awareness

    The Hilo Relay for Life, held at Wong Stadium this past Saturday, raised more than a quarter of a million dollars for the American Cancer Society while speading the word on cancer warning signs and how to reduce our risk of cancer.

Opening march at Hilo's Relay for Life

Some Cancer Warning Signs:

Change in Bowel or bladder habits.    A sore that does not heal.   Persistent upset stomach.   Difficulty in swallowing.   Persistent cough or coughing up phlegm.     If you have any of these signs see your doctor as soon as possible.

Cancer doesn't care how we feel or what we think.

Reduce Your Cancer Risk:

Eat more fruits and vegetables daily.   Keep physically active – EXERCISE!    Avoid tobacco products.  Limit alcohol consumption.   Get screened early.

Cancer survivors at Hilo's Relay for Life

   For more information contact your local American Cancer Society Hawaii Pacific office, or call 1-800-227-2345

Jackie Joseph, Brian Schatz & the Big Dog

    Also on hand at this years Relay for Life was International model, Jaclynn Joseph along with the Chairman of the Hawaii Democratic Party, Brian Schatz.   Schatz had flown in from Honolulu to take part in the event.  He is an avid basketball player and fan who happens to be running for Lieutenant Governor.


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