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Ways to Combat Against Memory Loss

Avoid excessive drinking


   For us baby boomers our number one health related worry is rapidly becoming Alzheimer’s disease.

   As we enter our senior years it is sometimes difficult to distinguish between our age-related forgetfulness, dementia, and the early stages of the dreaded Alzheimer’s disease.

  For millions of us across America memory loss and the fear of Alzheimer’s have overtaken hearing loss and cancer as our main senior-life health concern.

   According to health professionals people start noticing changes in their memory as they past their 40’s and enter into their 50’s.  Lapses in memory are considered to be age associated memory impairment and in most cases they are just a normal part of the aging process.

   Mild cognitive impairment becomes a more serious form of memory loss and is highlighted by trouble making decisions or handling money; losing track of what is happening during the day; forgetting how to do things we’ve always done many times before; and repeating questions and phrases/stories during the same conversation.

   When memory lapses become frequent enough and noticeable to concern you or a family member then it’s time to consult a physician.   A thorough physical and mental exam by a neurologist might be needed.


1)      Poor judgment and decision making.

2)      Losing track of the month of season.

3)      Regularly misplacing things and not being able to find them.

4)      Inability to pay bills

5)      Difficulty having a coherent conversation.

The best defense against any serious loss of memory is to begin taking good care of ourselves from an early age.  It is the same guidelines that have been around for years.

Compensate for forgetfulness through:

1)      Healthy Diet

2)      Regular Physical Exercise

3)      Strong Social Network

4)      Stay Creative & Intellectually Stimulated

It is estimated that one out of every two people lucky enough to reach the age of 85 will have Alzheimer’s disease.


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