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Cross Trainers vs Running Shoes

Dr. Paul Langer

Cross Trainers Not a Good Choice for Runners

Logic suggests that cross-trainers are all-purpose exercise shoes, but they are actually designed for activities that require directional changes, like tennis, racquetball, and aerobics classes. So while they have excellent side-to-side stability, cross-trainers also have a denser mid-sole and less cushioning than running shoes. This could put you at risk for shin splints, sore feet, and other lower-body injuries.

“Runners take up to 1,500 steps per mile, far more than you would take in your average aerobics class,” says Paul Langer, author of Great Feet for Life, and director of the American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine. “Each time you land, the impact is two to three times your body weight. You need shoes that protect the body from the pounding and give support for straight-line motion.”


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