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Laupahoehoe’s Alan Ryan Leads all Hawaii finishers at NYC Marathon

Alan Ryan picks up runner number for NYC Marathon

Big Islanders lead list of Hawaii Finishers at NYC Marathon

Overall place, name, city, time

375, Alan Ryan, Laupahoehoe, 02:50:38.
621, Lyman Perry, Volcano, 02:56:20.
1380, Ralph Schultz, Ewa Beach, 03:06:46.
4012, Craig Jerome, Honolulu, 03:26:01.
6097, Sally Marrack, Hilo, 03:35:05.
6705, Beth Damon, Honolulu, 03:37:19.
7336, Ryan Gillia, Honolulu, 03:39:46.
7581, Jason Lester, Kailua-Kona, 03:40:33.
8604, Victoria Daniel, Honolulu, 03:44:01.
9506, Eric Sanders, Honolulu, 03:46:55.
11340, Ryan Seto, Honolulu, 03:52:11.
11342, Brenda Yim, Honolulu, 03:52:11.
18760, Estelle Imamura, Wailuku, 04:11:36.
20105, Corinna Roth, Kailua-Kona, 04:15:28.
20190, Wendy Deweese, Kailua-Kona, 04:15:39.
21496, Pamela Kidani, Kailua Kona, 04:19:02.

Perry and Marrack after finishing NYC marathon

25302, Heather Singleton, Lihue, 04:29:12.
26074, Karen Sanders, Honolulu, 04:31:17.
28902, Mark Rich, Wailuku, 04:40:08.
29258, Doneliza Joaquin, Aiea, 04:41:20.
38738, Joanne Robson, Lihue, 05:24:35.
39427, Scotty Anderson, Honolulu, 05:29:55.
39516, Clyde Kidani, Kailua Kona, 05:30:45.
40716, Edward Kobayashi, Mililani, 05:41:58.
40720, Colleen Kobayashi, Mililani, 05:41:59.
40904, Sandra Shepherd, Kailua Kona, 05:44:09.
41529, Bob Crowley, Kailua, 05:51:06.
42110, Kathryn Stallsmith, Honoka’a, 05:59:18.
42594, Dennis Lombardi, Honolulu, 06:08:17.
42595, Reneau Kennedy, Honolulu, 06:08:18.
44459, Kathleen Anzelon, Honolulu, 07:24:57.

List of State of Hawaii finishers were provided by the Associated Press


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Big Islanders Enjoy Running the Big Apple, NYC Marathon

L to R, Perry, Ryan, Marrack and Victoria Daniel

                                               L to R in photo, Lyman Perry, Alan Ryan, Sally Marrack and Victoria Daniel

What sporting event attracts more than 2.5 million spectators and a television audience of over 315 million viewers?

If you guessed the 2010 running of the New York City Marathon, held this past Sunday you’d be correct.

Amongst the 44,000 finishers in this 26.2 mile race were 31 harriers from the State of Hawaii with nine of them being Big Island residents according to NYC marathon results released to the media.

Representing our island was Laupahoehoe’s Alan Ryan who finished the run in 2 hours 50 minutes and 38 seconds to rank him as the 375th runner to cross the finish line.

“I had a personal best race day, taking over a minute off my 2009 Boston Marathon time,” a pleased Ryan said over the telephone.

Ryan, who has been sponsored by South Pacific Steel over the past two years, is one of the Big Island’s top distance runners and his finish in New York ranked him in the top 1 percentile for overall finishers.

“I’m very pleased with today’s race and enjoyed running the course,” Ryan said.

Not far behind Ryan was Volcano resident, Lyman Perry, who clocked in at 2:56:20.

“It was a great and amazing experience,” Perry said.  “It was a little difficult getting lined up in the morning as we were all positioned in corrals according to our best previous marathon finishers time.”

Perry found himself waiting around with his grouping corral for quite some time before the start.

 “It was the wait coupled with the 39 degree temperature that made it difficult on me,” Perry said.  “I dressed warmly and wore gloves which helped.”

Once the race started Perry was in his own element and began to warm up as he weaved his way through the hordes of people in front of him.

“We started on the Verrazano Bridge and I ran slower in the start than I had expected because of the cool weather, but once it began to reach the mid 40’s I began to do a lot better,” he said.

The NYC marathon takes runners through all five of the cities boroughs and for Perry going through Brooklyn became his most memorable moments.

“It was really neat running through Brooklyn and to see the Hasidic Jews dressed all in black.  Most of them ignore the race and will just walk across the street during the race, but there were two young men with a camera phone who took a picture of us as we ran by and all the time I was thinking, I should be taking a photo of them,” Perry said.

Perry was also impressed with running over the many bridges that connect the different Burroughs with the city.

“When we got of the Queens Borough Bridge, at mile 16, and we get onto 1st Avenue the spectators are lined six rows deep and they are screaming encouragement to the runners,” Perry said.  “I had to be careful not to get all pumped up and go too fast during that section as it could have had a devastating effect on my overall performance.”

Perry’s parents had drove down from Boston to watch their son during the race and to everyone’s surprise parents and son were able to make visual contact along the route.

“It was a real thrill for me to see my parents standing and shouting for me as I saw them standing at 110th  and 5th Avenue,” he said.

Perry maintained his composure and had a very strong finish into Central Park in Manhattan to give him a solid overall performance.

Hilo’s Sally Marrack also had a good performance and was the top female from the State of Hawaii to cross the finish line.

“This was my first New York City marathon,” she said.  “I used a qualifying Kona Half Marathon time to make it into this race and it was all worth it.”

Marrack’s mother, sister and aunt, who live in the mid-west made the trip to NYC to watch her run.”

“My family kept encouraging me to sign up for this race so that they would have an excuse to come to New York,” she said.  “I managed to get a glimpse of them as I ran through Central Park on the way to the finish line.”

To do the race Marrack wore tights and a long sleeve shirt with gloves and a hat.

“I made the right choice on clothing as it was a beautiful day, but cold at the start,” she said.  “The race became a very emotional experience for me because during the start of the race they play the song New York, New York and you can see the Statue of Liberty.  I almost had tears in my eyes,” Marrack said.

Once finished Marrack along with the other 44,000 finishers were led on a nearly two mile walk to pick up all their goodies, from finisher medals to food.

“The crowds were absolutely amazing and the size of the race made it what it is, a fantastic experience,” Marrack said.

Ethiopia’s Gebre Gebremariam won the race in 2:08:14 and Kenya’s Edna Kiplagat was the first woman to cross the finish line in 2:29:20.

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