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Hilo Medical Professionals Headed to do the Honolulu Marathon

Doc Morita to notch yet another marathon finish

More than 250 Big Island residents will be lacing up their shoes on Sunday, Dec. 12, for the Annual running of the Honolulu Marathon.

With an estimated field of 25,000 the Honolulu Marathon ranks as one of the top ten largest marathons in the world.  The economic value to the state exceeds $100 million and ranks this marathon as the largest financial sporting event in the State of Hawaii far exceeding the revenue brought in by the Pro Bowl or by the Professional Golf Association.

Each year Big Island residents will train for the event before making the pilgrimage to Oahu to run the 26.2 mile course along with some of the world’s fastest distance runners.

In Hilo a small contingent of medical professionals have been doing a long Sunday run together in preparation for Honolulu.

Led by veteran marathoner, Hilo Internist, Dr. Aaron Morita who will be doing his 11th consecutive Honolulu Marathon, the group is a mixture of experienced and first time distance runners.

“Those in our group that run with us regularly are doctor’s Melanie Arakaki, Sara Chiu, and David Nakamura with registered nurses Imelda Tamayo, Noemi Arzaga, Gina Durant and Jennifer Maninga, along with recovery room technician Dave Adachi and Ululani Pharmacy office manager Cindy Kuwana,  ” Doc Morita said.

Morita will also meet up with a number of family members and friends in Honolulu, most of whom are in the medical field as well, making their group one of the largest, or at the very least one of the most educated in the marathon.

“We are planning an after marathon dinner at the Big City Diner in Kaimuki together with our supporters, friends and relatives,” Morita said.

Morita’s group just finished doing a 20 mile run on Sunday, Nov. 28, and the plan now is for all of them to begin their taper, decrease in mileage, before heading to Oahu and the excitement of doing one of the world’s largest marathons.

Cindy Kuwana

Cindy Kuwana trained with the group last year, but never realized her dream of doing her first marathon as she needed to stop training due to an injury.

“I’ve been training this entire year, with 17 miles being my longest run thus far,” Kuwana said.  “Since being in a side-impact automobile accident this past June, trying to recover from those injuries and doing my marathon training has been tough, both mentally and physically.”

Kuwana needed to take off a month from her training to recover from the auto accident and she describes the layoff as being the most frustrating and a humbling experience.

“I’m just hoping to cross the finish line for my first marathon,” she said.  “Anytime would be a good time since it would be such an accomplishment in itself.  Hopefully I’ll finish around six hours or a little over, but I don’t want to get too ahead of myself.

Jennifer Maninga

Another new comer to the marathon is Jennifer Maninga who has finished the Kona, Kauai and Maui half marathons, but never a full 26.2 event.

“I chose Honolulu because of the team that I train with, they always run the Honolulu Marathon,” Maninga said.  “I was compelled to join the team.”

Last year Maninga met the Hilo medical group while in Honolulu and felt the excitement permeating in the air.

“I could feel the excitement, but I also saw the pain and told myself that it would never be me running that distance,” she said.  “Now I know, never to say never!”

When asked what time she’d be finishing in Maninga replied with a wide grin, “I think we have to be in by midnight right?”

“I have a time in mind, but if I speak it, I will feel the pressure to make that time,” she said.  “Just the thought of finishing is pressure enough.”

“Running a marathon is something that I haven’t accomplished in my life,” Maninga said.  “It’s something that I never thought I could do.”

Lenny Baybayan

Another first time marathoner lacing up his shoes in Honolulu will be Leonard Baybayan, Jr. who began his training for the event back in April.

“This past February my wife, two daughters and six year old son walked the Great Aloha run and I told them I wanted to try next year,” Baybayan said.  “So I started my training in April and as my runs got longer my confidence began to grow.”

Baybayan started with long runs of six miles and increased gradually to eight, then ten and went all the way to 22 miles.

When Baybayan asked his family what they thought of his idea to go to Honolulu and run his first marathon his wife said “go” his daughters said “are you crazy” and his son didn’t care.

Like all the other first time marathoners Baybayan hasn’t set a time to finish the 26.2 miles and is just hoping to be able to cross the finish line.

“My personal goal for my first marathon is to reach the finish line and running it from start to finish,” he said.  “I don’t have a set time to finish it in as I don’t want to get discouraged if I don’t achieve that goal and not run again.”

Last weekend Doc Morita and the rest of his group received by mail their Official Running Number Pick-up Cards from the Honolulu Marathon.

“Receiving our packet pick up information has raised our excitement levels in addition to knowing that the marathon is only a few days away,” Morita said.   “I was assigned race number 703 and my wife commented that I must be an old-timer for this marathon as my number has gotten a lot smaller although I don’t run any faster than before.” 

Pat Bigold, the Director of Media Relations for the Honolulu Marathon, provided the 254 names of Big Islanders preregistered to do the race. 

Good luck to all those taking part in the years Honolulu Marathon.

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254 Big Islanders Signed up to do 2010 Honolulu Marathon

Jessica Abner   Honokaa Kristin Krochina   Kailua-Kona
Mark Abril   Hilo Katie Krochina   Kailua-Kona
Carole Abril   Hilo Kelsey Kumiji   Hilo
Dave Adachi   Hilo Marie Kuramoto   Hilo
Mathew Adams   Kamuela Chris Kutsch   Kailua-kona
Charles Aftoora   Kailua Kona Bev Kypfer   Waikoloa
Tiana Aina   Hilo Sudha Laven   Waikoloa
Melanie Aiona   Kamuela Bobby Layman   Pahoa
Kathryn Akamine   Hilo Alaia Leighland   Kailua Kona
Isaac Akashi   Keaau Jaimi Litus   Haleiwa
Haley Albertson   Kamuela Gregory Lum Ho   Hilo
John Alkire   Kamuela Lani Manaytay   Keaau
Zachary Ameduri   Kailua Kona Jennifer Maninga   Hilo
Doug Andrews   Kailua Kona Sally Marrack   Hilo
Kentaro Aoki   Hilo Debbie Martin   Pahoa
Kensy Apaka   Hilo Yuta Masuda   Kamuela
Melvin Arai   Hilo Matthew Mather   Kailua Kona
Mark Arakaki   Keaau Margie Mattingly   Kailua-Kona
Melanie Arakaki   Hilo Lucas Mead   Keaau
Rudy Arzaga   Hilo Nichole Meier   Kailua Kona
Noemi Arzaga   Hilo Brent Meyer   Hilo
J Ashford   Waikoloa Simeon Miranda   Kamuela
Twila Ashley   Kailua Kona Cameron Miranda   Kamuela
Ferdinand Babas   Hilo Ralph Misitano   Kailua-Kona
Caron Badis   Keaau Angie Miyashiro   Volcano
Morgen Bahurinsky Hilo Summer Mochida   Hilo
Leonard Baybayan Jr. Keaau Aaron Morita   Hilo
Matteo Belli   Pahoa Taishi Moriyama   Kamuela
Dan Berman   Waikoloa David Nakamura   Hilo
Andrea Bess   Waikoloa Mark Nakashima Honokaa
Peter Bianchi   Mountain View Harvey Nakasone   HIlo
Lisa Biedenkapp Kailua Kona Seonaid Nakata   Keaau
Hiroko Blattler   Hilo Eva Naniole   Hilo
Dennis Blinn   Hilo Stephanie Nepon   Hilo
Charles Bolden   Hilo Lynne Nicola   Hilo
Charles Bostwick   Mountain View Susan Nixon   Kamuela
Merle Bowman   Kealakekua Jason Nixon   Kamuela
Angie Bowman   Kealakekua Anthony Nolta   Hilo
Jason Braswell   Kailua-Kona Doris Obina   Kapaau
Sam Brown   Kailua-Kona Leo Ochi   Kailua kona
Lisa Bryant   Kailua-Kona Rick Otani   Hilo
Marissa Bryant-Manago Kailua-Kona Shantell Otare   Kailua-KOna
Matt Buongiorno Kailua-Kona Kapena Otare   Kailua-Kona
Una Burns   Ocean View Jaime Park   Hilo
Dennis Burns   Ocean View Kaleiolani Pasciuta   Holualoa
Kate Burns   Honolulu Diana Payne   Captain cook
Ellen Carvalho   Waikoloa Jono Perea   Kailua-Kona
Matthew Carvalho   Kailua-Kona Lyman Perry   Volcano
Christopher Chang   Kailua-Kona Jay Plasman   Kailua-Kona
Nicola Ching   Kailua Kona Pepper Pothier   Waikoloa
Lorrin Ching   Kailua-Kona Kalona Purugganan Kealakekua
Sara Chiu   Hilo Ricci Racela   Kamuela
Nicholas Chock   Kamuela Herman Rafol   Kailua Kona
Elizabeth Chock   Kamuela Mark Ravaglia   Kamuela
Kathy Cintas   Kailua-Kona Sylvia Ravaglia   Kamuela
Lee Collins   Hilo Seppo Rinne   Hilo
Sandra Connick   Keaau Merceda Rivera   Mountain View
Kristi Connick   Kailua-Kona Ruth Rivera   Mountain View
Tina Cook   Hilo Nakana Rivera   Mountain View
Susan Cordell   Keaau Lucas Roberts   Kailua Kona
Leo Cortez   Kealakekua Jessica Robinson   Waikoloa
Leigh Dalton hunter Captain cook Sandi Rosario   Papaikou
Diane Danawelles Kailua-Kona Darren Rosario   Papaikou
Craig Davis   Kailua kona Rick Rubio   Kailua Kona
Dane Decker   Kailua-Kona Alan Ryan   Laupahoehoe
Elsie Dela Cruz   Kapaau Christina Saffran   Kailua-Kona
Elsie Dela Cruz   Kapaau Yoshihiko Saito   Hilo
Katherine Donovan   Waikoloa Allison Sakoda   Hilo
Kristin Drost   Kailua-Kona Jahn Sawinski   Kailua-Kona
Wilfredo Duran   Kailua Kona Honya Sawinski   Kailua-Kona
Jane Eaton   Waikoloa Monica Scheel   Kailua Kona
Laura Ebesugawa Hilo Annette Schlegelmilch Hilo
Ian Ebesugawa Hilo Barret Schlegelmilch Hilo
Christoph Eibl   Hilo Nick Selway   Kailua Kona
Rachael Eichelberger-Iga Hilo Juan Sepulveda   Kailua-Kona
Victor Eisen   Pahoa Miya Shibano   Hilo
Gina Ervin   Kamuela Claire Shigeoka   Hilo
Monina Esguerra   Kamuela Shigeki Shirakuni   Kailua
David Estess   Kailua-Kona Junko Shirakuni   Kailua
Elaine Estess   Kailua-Kona Trudy Sleightholm Hilo
Dr. Stan Fortuna Jr   Hilo Christopher Smith   Holualoa
Colleen Fratinardo   Laupahoehoe Barbara ka’onohi Smith   Hilo
John Furumo   Hilo William Snider   Kamuela
Samuel Furumo   Hilo Betsy Solis   Kailua
Paul Furumo   Hilo Jano Soto   Kailua Kona
Kimberly Furumo   Hilo Rudy Spencer   Hilo
Norbert Furumo   Hilo Jacklyn Spencer   Hilo
James Gannon   Holualoa Brian Stake   Waikoloa
Darl Gleed   Kailua-Kona Dylan Steele   Kailua-Kona
Bill Greineisen   Volcano Jay Stepetin   Waikoloa
Thomas Hackett   Kailua Kona Vella Stephens   Waikoloa
Karen Hale   Kailua Betsy Strance   Captain Cook
Dylan Hale   Kailua Jeffrey Strang   Kailua-Kona
Kota Hamanami Kamuela Ellie Mae Sumic   Waikoloa
David Hammes   Hilo Emily Taaroa   Keaau
Marvis Hanano   Kailua-Kona Nikka Takane   Hilo
Roy Hasegawa   Kamuela Dawna Takane   Hilo
Michael Hasselbring Hawi Alan Takane   Hilo
Kelley Heaukulani Hilo Imelda Tamayo   Hilo
Charles Heaukulani Hilo Rani Tanimoto   Kailua-Kona
Penn Henderson   Kailua-Kona Rosemary Taylor   Kailua-Kona
Belinda Herd   Kailua-kona Yoko Tochihara   Hilo
Eddie Herd   Kailua kona Daigo Tomono   Hilo
Steven Hiraki   Hilo Guy Toyama   Kailua Kona
Christian Hirayama   Hilo Ricky Tsubota   Hilo
Pete Hoffman   Waikoloa Kazusa Tsuchiya   Hilo
Lorena Horcajo   Kailua Kona Deen Tsukamoto Naalehu
Elli Horn   Hilo Rob Van Geen   Waikoloa
Wendy Howard   Kailua-Kona Vinnie Vasquez   Kailua kona
Michael Hrynevych   Waikoloa Michelle Vieira   Hilo
Aldenn Iga   Hilo Melyn Vigilla   Keaau
Paul Incardona   Kailua kona Jane Vigilla   Keaau
Hideichi Ito   Kailua Kona Jason Vigilla   Keaau
Jaime Ito   Kailua Kona Roberto Villamil   Kailua kona
John Jacobson   Kailua kona Carrie Voss   Waikoloa
Trevor Johannsen   Pahoa Dennis Voss   Waikoloa
Jane Johannsen   Pahoa Todd Wanke   Kailua Kona
Jon Jokiel   Kailua-Kona Karolina Wanke   Kailua Kona
Esther Kanehailua Hilo Myra Weiher   Waikoloa
Michael Karson   Pahoa Geoff Whitener   Kailua Kona
Justin Kawamura   Kailua-Kona Renee’ Wilson   Kailua Kona
Christine Kim   Kailua Kona Scott Wilson   Kailua-Kona
Analani Kippen   Kailua-Kona Beth Wilson   Kailua-Kona
Terry Kobayashi   Hilo Naoto Yamagishi   Waikoloa
Hugh Kobayashi   Hilo Catherine Yamanaka   Hilo
Gwen Kobayashi   Hilo Ray Yamashita   Hilo
Tomas Krasuski   Kamuela Kyle Yugawa   Hilo

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