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KMS P.E. Teacher, Randee Arkin, Healthy & Fit

A Disciplined Arkin Keeps Busy and Fit (Dec. 13, 2003)

What does it take to stay with a fitness program?

For those that exercise on a regular basis, the key to self-motivation lies in one’s determination to be self-disciplined.

In the sleepy little village of Honomu lives such a person.  A woman that is admired for her dedication to a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Randee Arkin, a middle school physical education teacher at Keaau, embodies the values of a focused and dedicated individual that believes in taking care of herself.

Randee Arkin

Arkin, who practices what she preaches, eats healthy on a daily basis in a diet filled with a wide variety of colorful fruits and vegetables.

Her yard produces an abundance of avocados, papayas, oranges and bananas, and Arkin often trades her excess for other healthful foods with neighbors and friends.

She also supplements her diet with eating flax seed, oat and wheat bran for breakfast and then uses brewer’s yeast with her dinner salad.

At school, she reminds her students of the importance of eating properly and makes suggestions as to the types of foods that produces a healthy and balanced diet.

Arkin regularly rises at 5 a.m. and leaves for school by 6.  “I’m a morning person,” she said, “and I like getting things done early.”

She arrives at school by 6:30 and begins her day.  At 7 o’clock, she has the Shipman gym door open and provides supervised play for dozens of kids.

“Usually there are about 75 kids who want to come in and play basketball and dodge ball,” Arkin said.

Every day after work, Arkin heads home where she will spend 60 to 70 minutes working out on the treadmill.

On weekend, Arkin adds two hour walks, early in the morning, with her German Sheppard dog named Vegas.

Arkin begin in earnest, her healthier lifestyle when her daughter Bre was 2 years old.  Now, 18 years later, Arkin reaps the rewards by looking younger, feeling more energetic and living life to the fullest.

Arkin knows full well the value of exercise and a healthy diet – she lost her father when she was only 10 years old.

“My dad, whom I adored, died of a massive heart attack at age 36,” she said.  “I know that I need to take care of myself if I want to avoid the hereditary effects of heart disease.”

Arkin combines her brisk walking with light jogging to keep her heart rate up, thus maximizing the benefits of aerobic training.  She schedules regular physical examines and has made herself knowledgeable of all her numbers, including her cholesterol.

Besides her school activities, Arkin has also volunteered to help with the Big Island International Marathon and for the past two years has served as the starting line official out in Pepeekeo.

Arkin also volunteers as a Red Cross worker and is on call whenever East Hawaii comes under the wrath of Mother Nature.  Just last month, during one of our winter storms, Arkin was called upon by the Red Cross to help man one of the shelters, giving up part of her weekend with her sweetheart to do so.

A big part of her success comes from loving what she does.  “I love to teach and I enjoy all of my students,” she said.


Arkin is a magnet for student affection as she always makes herself available.  She can often be found sitting amongst a group of kids, answering the many questions this age group has in life’s growing circumstances.

For many years Arkin has volunteered to train the Keaau students in track and field.  “I like to get kids to participate in the Parks and Recreation program,” she said.

Arkin has prepared many middle school students for the rigors of high school athletic program, encouraging and training some of the top prepsters today.

And she follows up with her kids by volunteering as a coach at Keaau High School and attending all of the track meets held in East Hawaii.

You can also find Arkin at many P & R basketball games as she is a big supporter of youth activities.

Arkin is an excellent role model in our community who works hard every day to give our youth the support and positive directional push in motivating everyone she comes into contact with.

She is a real life person that practices the values of self-motivation and self-discipline in her quest to live a full, healthy and active life.

We all could benefit from the Randee Arkins’ of the world.

Editors Note:  This Big Dog column was written seven years ago.  Big Dog was so inspired by Ms. Arkin that he married her four years ago.   Merry Christmas Randee Arkin-Joseph as you continue to bring inspiration into my life! 

KMS track team with Randee Arkin Joseph in the center of photo


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  1. Thank you BD you are my everything! What a great Christmas surprise to re-read this old column story today.
    Meeting you 22 years ago was fate..falling in love with you I had no control over..
    You continually amaze me! Thank you for a wonderful life!

    Comment by RAJ | December 25, 2010 | Reply

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