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Are we losing the War for a Healthier Diet?

We all know what’s good for us, but often times we choose things simply because they are convient.  Fast Foods are taking over this country and the obesity rates continue to climb.

Along with larger waist lines comes the diseases associated with a fast food lifestyle.  Diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease can all be prevented by taking the time to exercise and in making the right food choices.

Below is a few suggestions in keeping you on the right track to a healthier, more productive person.

 We’re in a war, pure and simple, and the majority of Americans are losing it. We’re fighting formidable opponents including the fast-food industry, the soft drink manufacturers, and any company that mass produces processed and preservative-, artificial ingredient-laden food. It’s time to healthy up your diet and shift the balance of food power. Are you ready to make healthier choices for a healthier life? It’s not as hard as you think.

Preparation – Simple changes like replacing milk/butter with low-sodium chicken broth, baking food instead of frying, and using grape seed oil for cooking instead of butter can make a real, long-term difference in your health.

Focus – Don’t bring more stress into the process! By taking a good look at where you are, health-wise, and talking to your health care practitioner about what you should focus on (reducing sodium or carbohydrate intake, getting more fiber, increasing your “good” cholesterol, etc.), you can get a handle on the changes that will make the most difference in your health.

Variety – Food boredom can mean you dread lunch and leave it sitting in the fridge at work, choosing to drive off with co-workers for a burger and fries instead. Making meals as interesting as possible means we will look forward to eating and enjoy it.

Veggies – Trying to fit a vegetable into every meal or snack gets us closer to the 4-5 cups recommendedbythe USDA.

Realism – Unless a chef plans your meals, we’re each responsible for making our own healthy choices. Know what is realistic for you and change what you can. When you’re comfortable with the changes you made, re-evaluate your diet again and see what can be tweaked. Stepping down from a mocha to coffee/hot chocolate can lead to a step down to green tea – a drink that both supports your health and warms you up!

Making healthier choices isn’t easy, certainly not these days and certainly not when it comes to food, but the choices you do make can make a big difference. No one’s telling you swear off your favorite foods (if they happen to be less-than-optimal in terms of nutrition); it’s about shifting the balance of what you eat so you end up with more healthy foods and less unhealthy ones. Now that’s a recipe for long-term health and wellness.


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