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“True Warrior’ Wrestling Scrimmage is Scrapped

With two Big Island Interscholastic Federal schools in East Hawaii carrying the same moniker it is often times difficult to distinguish who are the “true Warriors” of Hawaii Island, according to Kamehameha wrestling Coach Marlon Miller.

“We came up with the idea of trying to start a rivalry with Waiakea since both our mascots are Warriors,” Miller said.

Miller got together with the Waiakea wrestling coaches to have a special dual meet between the two schools to be held on Tuesday, Jan 19 at Kamehameha’s Koa’ia gymnasium at 4 pm with the outcome of the meet determining what school is “The True Warrior.”

According to Miller the regular dual meet rules with points kept will apply for both the boys and girls teams.

“After the girls and boys wrestle we will add the points and the team with the higher number will be crowned the ‘True Warrior’ for one year,” Miller said.

A trophy as well as a plaque will be awarded until the following years meet.

“My hope is to grow both programs and peak interest in our sport,” Miller said.

Miller believes the Kamehameha girls have the advantage and that the Waiakea boys are favored in the Warrior Tournament.

“I think that Waiakea has a good shot at winning the BIIF boys team title this year and we are the defending girl’s champions that will make for a very interesting True Warrior tournament,” he said.

Both schools coaches have agreed to wash the vehicles of the winning coaches’ vehicles.

“Right now both teams look pretty even,” Miller said.  “I have the edge on the girls side and they have the edge on the boy’s side, so it can go either way.  I have a Dodge Dually which can get pretty muddy when I want it to.”

But as fate would have it the coaches never got permission from their respective athletic directors and the “True Warrior” wrestling scrimmage has been scrapped.

In a phone interview with Waiakea Athletic Director, Thomas Correa, it was made clear that such a challenge will never take place.

“I would never agree to such a thing,” Correa said.


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