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Exercise Tips for 2011

Exercise tips for the New Year

The New Year means another 365 days to stick to the most common resolution out there: resolving to exercise. What will make this year different from years past when optimism turned to despair after a few months of hard work? Here are a few exercise tips to help you stay on track in 2011 and build a leaner, meaner you:

1. Have a Plan. Consistent exercise requires focus, and focus requires a plan. Outline your workouts by day, week and month so when you hit the gym, you know just what to do.
2. Don’t Overdo It. In the real world, you’re not competing on “The Biggest Loser.” Work out for five hours a day and you’ll end up burned out, injured or both. Try 45 minutes, 3-4 times a week.
3. Fight Temptation. We’re talking about the inevitable temptation to skip a workout. When you’re having a “bad day,” stay strong and get to the gym. Skip out and you’ll regret it; make it happen and you’ll feel great afterward.
4. Schedule Breaks. Many people are afraid to stop working out once they start, but you need time to refresh yourself and allow your body to do the same. Schedule a consistent break (3-4 days or an entire week) every few months and then start right up again.
5. Recruit Support. When it comes to exercise, some people can fly solo, and that’s great; but for others, they need a friend or spouse to help keep them on track. If you can’t do it alone, don’t be afraid to ask for help.
6. Less Is More. Unless your goal is to look like a body-builder, you can put the heavy weights down. Body-weight, resistance bands and balls, and other basic equipment can get the job done just fine.



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