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Hilo to Volcano Relay Results from Jan 22, 2011

                         Big Island Road Runners
              Hilo to Volcano 50k Ultramarathon / Relay
                                January 22, 2011
                              Volcano, Hawaii


                                     Relay Results

Plc Name Division Time
1 Big Island Running Company <<< Mens Open >>> 3:29:06
    (J. Braswell, B. Barnett, J. Urbine)    
2 2 Punatics & A Sconnie Mens Open 3:36:37
    (J. Pang, N. Hagemann, Z. Johnson)    
3 Mixed Bag of Hooligans Mens Open 3:40:14
    (K. Ucker, P. Mauser, J. Imai)    
4 Funk Lifters <<< Mixed Open >>> 4:14:14
    (R. DeBenedet, C. Evans, L. Englund)    
5 UHH <<< Womens Open >>> 4:21:43
    (K. Andrew, N. Hagemann, K. Peric)    
6 Shehata United Mens Open 4:29:44
    (C. Anderson, N. Shehata, T. Souza)    
7 Ketura Mixed Open 4:30:47
    (N. Ahyo, K. Demattos, L. Balingit)    
8 Big Island Babes Womens Open 4:32:56
    (L. Hadway, K. Kozar, C. Fuke)    
9 RTK Mixed Open 4:48:54
    (R. Mansfield, E. Ravey, A. Mansfield)    
10 Three Old Goats <<< Mens Masters >>> 4:50:11
    (D. Blinn, J. Tuscany, C. Bostwick)    
11 Team Kim Mixed Open 4:54:04
    (J. Kunitake, K. Furumo, L. Villen)    
12 Hustling Harriers Womens Open 4:57:18
    (M. Munetaka, D. Wong Yuen, Y. Hayano)    
13 M.R. <<< Boys High School >>> 5:03:22
    (M. Cruz, R. Grothmann)    
14 Tehero Ohana Mixed Open 5:05:50
    (F. Tehero, D. Tehero, R. Tehero)    
15 3 Girls, 6 Legs Womens Open 5:10:50
    (S. Lyle, J. Gilbert, S. Stuefer)    
16 Team Hoku <<< Mixed Masters >>> 5:12:54
    (S. Nixon, W. Minor, B. Greineisen)    
17 The K-Town Haoles Mixed Open 5:14:23
    (T. Reed, N. Mailhot, B. Mailhot)    
18 Super Late Super Team 5:28:53
    (D. Weir, B. Ben, H. Quintal,
G. Kekua, L. Ridgeway, J. Pocsidio)

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