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Keaau Middle Greenwave wins 71 medals at P&R track meet

Talented Greenwave track & field team

Charnalyn Crivello – Team Captain – 100m 2nd, relay 1st
Taezha Gonsalves – shot put 1st, 200m 1st, relay 1st
Laura Silva – high jump 2nd, relay 1st, relay 1st
Leshey Makuakani – 100m 3rd, relay 1st
Tarha Gonsalves – high jump 3rd, relay 1st
April Pinyerd – relay 1st    Isabella Lott – relay 1st    Hannah Osbourn – 1500m 1st
Maria Calso – shot put 2nd, discus 2nd, relay 1st
Daysha Alameda – high jump 1st, 100m 2nd,
Sydney DiMartino – 200m 3rd,    Kapua Cordeiro-Galasa – relay 1st, relay 2nd
Angel Hodson – relay 1st, relay 2nd    Irene Bautista – relay 2nd
Jeryl Bautista – relay 2nd   Jade Kauwe – relay 1st
Ruby Galapon – long jump 2nd, relay 3rd   Narizza Saladino – long jump 3rd, relay 3rd
Diana Doan – relay 3rd    Sheann Belmes – relay third Ashlee Mercado – 50m, 1st
BOYS:    Jeffery Ferrell- Team Captain– high jump third, 800m 1st, relay 1st
Brandon Ramey – high jump second, 400m 1st, relay 1st
Chase Peneku – 100m 1st, relay 1st     Elmer Bautista – relay 1st, relay 1st     Trevor Basford – shot put 1st, discus 2nd
Randy Kamana – relay 1st    Tyler Abell – relay 1st      Kumalani Filoteo-Kekipi – relay 1st
Warner Brown – high jump 2nd, 200m 3rd, relay 1st      Justin Palo – shot put 2nd, relay 1st    Kaeo Burley – discus 2nd, shot put 1st
Kyle Rice – high jump 3rd, relay 1st     Dallin Oandasan – relay 1st    Rhodney Hernando – long jump 2nd, relay 1st, relay 1st
Christian Batad – long jump 3rd, relay 1st, relay 1st     Avery Fujiyama – relay 1st, relay 1st      David Benevides – relay 1st, relay 1st
Boys received 35 medals and Girls received 36 medals = 71 total medals for the Greenwave!

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