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Emily Wedeman Memorial 5 miler results

Joe & Veronica Wedemann

Joe and Veronica Wedemann were on hand for the Emily Wedeman Memorial race.  The 5 mile run/walk was established after the death of Joe’s mother five years ago.

Emily was a super volunteer at the Big Island Road Runners Club events and the club holds the race in her honor.

This year the BIRR raised $372 for the American Cancer Society in Emily’s memory.

Following are the results of the race in which 41 people participated by either running or walking the 5 miles:

 1 Zach Johnson 29:32
2 Alan Ryan 29:42
3 Todd Marohnic 31:22
4 Louie Perry 31:30
5 Stewart Miyashiro 34:06
6 Alex Vu 34:49
7 Ferdinand Babas 34:59
8 Joe Wedemann 36:28
9 Nick Ah Yo 36:51
10 Dan Brodhag 37:11
11 DJ Blinn 38:28
12 Lyle Balingit 38:32
13 Krita Andrew 38:55
14 Milton Crutchfield 39:30
15 Wendy Yamada 41:35
16 James Hank 41:35
17 Andrew Langtry 42:48
18 Esther Kanehailua 42:57
19 Donna Wong Yuen 43:00
20 Daria Cunningham 43:22
21 Charlie Bostwick 45:12
22 Bob Erickson 45:14
23 Lynne Brauher 45:45
24 Veronica Wedemann 46:33
25 Eva Naniole 46:44
26 Ashley Hahm 49:00
27 Kim Furumo 49:13
28 Leroy Ridgeway 49:58
29 Rick Otani 51:32
30 Aaron Morita 53:22
31 Big Dog 53:22
32 Marie Kurimoto 53:22
33 Lee Otani 53:54
34 Kym Tagawa 54:12
35 Michael Gordon 56:06
36 Richard Alderson 58:26
37 Zeny Eakins 1:00:00
38 Jyson Breitbarth 1:01:23
39 Lori Breitbarth 1:01:27
40 Kelly Heaukulani 1:03:39
41 Charlie Heaukulani 1:03:39

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Kealakehe Duo – Navarro & Walter – Run Wild in Kona

Dylan Navarro

KEALAKEKUA – Kealakehe’s Luca Walter and Dylan Navarro served notice to the Big Island Interscholastic Federation that they are a duo worthy of respect.

Navarro ran away from his competition in the 200 meter dash while teammate Walter was pulling away from the rest of the field in the 400.

“This is my first year in track,” Navarro said.  “I’ve been playing wide receiver on the football team and decided to come out in my senior year to work on my speed.”

Navarro was talked into coming out for track by family and friends and has already established himself as the man to beat in the 200 with his blistering time of 22.67 seconds this past Saturday on the Konawaena track.

“I know I have the potential and now I just need to put everything together on the track,” he said.  “My goal at the start of the season was to run the 200 under 23 seconds and now that I’ve achieved that I’d like to see if I can get under 22.5.”

Luca Walter

While Navarro was tearing up the shorter sprint distances Waverider teammate Walter was blowing away his competition in the 400.

“I like the 400 because there is more competition in that race than the 800,” Walter said.

Walter, the previous week at Hawaii Prep, established himself as the number one 800 in the BIIF by clocking in at 2 minutes and 3 seconds, a time that is good enough to rank him in the top six in the state.

“I know I can run faster in the 400, but there isn’t anyone pushing me in that race,” he said.

“Last year I ran (the 400) in 51.2 seconds and was second in the BIIF, but this year there is no one in the league that can run that fast, so I’m not really happy with my 52.22 time.”

Walter believes that he will be able to go under the two minute barrier in the 800 by the end of the season, which would make him a serious contender during state competition.

“My time at HPA (2:02) was slower because of the altitude and the fact that I have asthma,” Walter said.  “I should be able to go under 2 on a different track and would like to go under 50 seconds for my 400.”

During the 4×400 relay Walter demonstrated his awesome speed as the anchor for the Waveriders.  Trailing going into the final leg Walter mishandled the baton pass and allowed the lead team to gain a 20 meter advantage, but was able to still pull out the victory.

“I was mad because I messed up the handoff and I didn’t want to be the cause of my team losing the relay,” he said.  “Once I took the baton I kept attacking the lead runner and I never gave up hope of catching him.”  

Jesse Huihui

In the boy’s 100 meter dash it was Keaau’s Jesse Huihui pulling out a narrow victory over Navarro.

“I have one more year to break 11 seconds in the 100,” Huihui, who is a junior, said.  “I’m looking to run a 10.9 in the 100 and I’ve set that as my goal.”

Huihui, who has consistently run in the low 11 second range, is also hopeful of breaking 22 seconds in the 200.

“I want to break the 22 barrier, but I’m not quite there yet,” he said. 

Huihui anchored his winning 4×100 relay team to a 44.39 second state consideration time and in the last event of the afternoon was the lead runner for the Cougars 4×400 team.

Prior to the 1600 relay Huihui stated that he hoped he could start things off for his team with a 54 second opener, which he eclipsed.

“The 400 is kinda long for me, but I’ll give it all I have for the team,” he said.

Zoe Sims

Also tearing up the track was HPA’s Zoe Sims who clocked a league leading, state qualifying time of 59.23 seconds in the girl’s 400 meter dash.

“I still consider myself a distance runner,” she said after winning the 400.  “There are certain events that I do for the team.”

Sims, better known for her 1500 and 3000 meter skills have established herself as a noteworthy competitor in a variety of distances which also include the 200 and 800.

Sims, the defending BIIF champ in the 400, is a team player and workhorse for the Ka Makani.

“I don’t really have regular events yet and the coaches are looking for what is best for the team,” Sims said.

The sophomore clocked an impressive 2:31.18 in the 800 meter run and was philosophical in her attitude about track.

“I run better when I don’t focus on myself and I’ll do whatever it takes to benefit the team.”

Mary Jo Osorio

Winning her first race of her four year track career was Kohala’s Mary Jo Osorio who clocked a 5:41.84 in the girls 1500 meter run.

“I went out at race pace and took the lead the entire way,” Osorio said.  “This was the first time I’ve ever led a race from start to finish.”

Osorio was almost run down at the finish as she heard footsteps closing in on her. 

“I got scared at the end of the race and I knew I had to push myself harder as I could win this race.  I stayed positive and my coach and I were both surprised that I won my first race,” Osorio said.

The BIIF season continues on Saturday with an all schools meet at Keaau with field events beginning at 2 pm and running events at 3.

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