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Runner attacked by dog in Hawaiian Paradise Park

One of the three punture wounds

Runner Bitten by Dog in HPP

One of the few perils that I’ve encountered as a runner is irresponsible dog owners that allow their dogs to roam free.

I’ve had an ongoing problem with such a person over the past few years who believes that, and I quote, “my dog has as much right as you to be on the street and if you don’t like it find someplace else to run.”

I’m partially at fault because I did not notify the Humane Society the 10 to 12 times that the dog came running after me, barking and growling.

Everything came to a breaking point on Thursday, April 14, when Tasha, the name of the pit bull mix, decided to escalate our relationship by taking a bite – leaving three prominent puncture wounds just above my right ankle.

I have since filled a police report and have notified the Humane Society.

This was the second complaint filed against the same dog within the last two months and, according to the Humane Society, the owner of the property must now appear in court.

The message I’m trying to send here is to contact the proper authorities whenever a loose animal threatens your right to walk or run on public property and do not wait until it actually bites you or someone else.

Tasha lives on the corner house of Shower Drive and 24th Street. 

This was the third time in the past 25 years of running that I have been bitten by a loose dog.  Do not let irresponsible pet owners deter you from running or walking. 

The Hawaiian Paradise Park Community Association provided the following link to the Big Dog following his dog bite:



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