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Gillette wins Hilo and Kona Marathons with a 2 second difference

Gillette sets Hilo Marathon course record

Justin Gillette on Indiana set the new course record for the Big Island International Marathon (Hilo Marathon) in March 2011.

Gillette is also the four time winner of the Kona Marathon held each year in June.
Kona is a rather flat course with intense heat while Hilo has rolling hills and a cooler temperature.
What is remarkable it that Gillette ran both 2011 marathons within 2 seconds of each other.  Hilo was a 2:34:39 and Kona was a 2:34:41
 “I hope to make it back to Hilo and race the course again, hopefully it works out for 2012. I will let you know once I am confident I have babysitters,” Gillette said.
We look forward to hosting the course record holder on March 18, 2012. 
For those interested in participating in the 2012 BIIM please remember that we have limited entries and once those slots are filled the race will be closed.  The 2011 race closed two months prior and the 2012 race is expected to reach capacity by December 2011.

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