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Hawai’i Island 808 Mx/ATV Association race results

808 Mx/ATV results

The 808 Mx/ATV Association held racing on Saturday. The next scheduled races are July 24. For more information, email hollycoak@yahoo.com.

50cc peewee (B) 4-6  1. Arlen Sol-Camara  2. Ashtin Pa’ahana

50cc quad Stock 4-6  1. Ashtin Pa’ahana  2. Dalton Dereis

50cc peewee (A) 4-6  1. Kaise Mochizuki  2. Skylar Joyce

50cc Quad Mod 4-6  1. Ashtin Pa’ahana

50cc Dirtbike Open 4-9  1. Kaise Mochizuki  2. Sklar Joyce  3. Jayden Sanborn

90cc Quad Limited 7-12  1. Jayden Sanborn  2. Dustin Dereis  3 Jadie Sanborn

65cc dirtbike 7-9  1. Colt Coakley  2 Mason Kron

70-90cc quad open 7-12  1. Jadie Sanborn  2. Jayden Sanborn

65cc dirtbike Open 7-11  1. Colt Coakley  2. Mason Kron

Schoolboy quad  1. Kaike Oba  2. Christian Olivera

85cc dirtbike 12-15  1. Rondon Demello  2. Kaike Oba  3. Reese Mills-richardson

Quad B amateur  1. Rotisha Hose  2. Kaike Oba  3. Christian Olivera

Supermini class 10-15  1. Reese Mills-Richardson  2. Rondon Demello  3. Kaike Oba

Quad A expert 16 and above  1. Kevin Gardner  2. Jake Kron  3. Clarence Pila

Schoolboy dirtbike 13-17  1. Keegan Whaley  2. Justin Love-Tice  3. Preston Cawagas

Quad open class 16 and above 1. Jake Kron  2. Kevin Gardner  3. Clarence Pila

Dirtbike 125cc novice  1. Reese Mills-Richardson  2. Todd Gregory  3. Caleb Pankey

Wahine quad open  1. Jadie Sanborn  2. Rotisha Hose

Dirtbike 125cc amateur  1. Mikey Salvador  2. Preston Cawagas  3. Charles Yoshida

Utility quad class  1. Jason Sanborn  2. Eddie Wayne  3. Kevin Gardner

Dirtbike 125cc expert  1. Justin Love-Tice  2. Keegan Whaley

Dirtbike 250 novice  1. Lenny Adlawan  2. Jeremy Maddox  3. Branden Andrews

Dirtbike 250 amateur  1. Allen Pagan  2. Charles Yoshida   3. Kelly Krall

Dirtbike 250 expert  1. Keegan Whaley

Dirtbike open Class  1. Justin Love-Tice  2. Preston Cawagas

Dirtbike vet class 30 and over  1. Mikey Salvador  2. Vernon Demello  3. Todd Gregory

Dirtbike vintage class  1. Kelly Krall  2. Tony Joyce  3. Mike Murray

Related link:  http://www.facebook.com/pages/808-Mx-Atv-Association/185937381434611?sk=photos


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91 year old Ninole Man oldest to finish Bolder-Boulder 10K

Bolder-Boulder race start

91 year old Ninole man oldest to complete Bolder Boulder 10k race

Yoshio Takemoto of Ninole, Hawaii was once again in Boulder, Colorado for the annual Memorial Day Bolder Boulder 10k race.
Perfect weather, cool with slight breeze and a few sprinkles allowed Yoshio to complete the 6.2 miles in less than 2 hours with his daughter Susan Takemoto and son-in-law John Bishop, both of Boulder, Colorado.
This year, more than 56,000 runners and walkers participated on a course filled with high fives, belly dancers, slip and slides, more than 24 rock bands, a pretty good Elvis impersonator, and many more people encouraging the participants from the sidelines.

Takemoto did his first 10k here while visiting in Boulder when he was 70 years old. In the last 4 years, he has come to Boulder for the Bolder Boulder 3 times. 

According to his daughter Takemoto is not a runner but walks about 4 miles a day weather permitting and gets on his treadmill when it’s too rainy.  He started walking to keep his body moving and keeps telling us (his kids) that it’s important to keep our bodies moving and our minds active.  He is still the treasurer for his small local Buddhist temple.

“He eats very well, lots of vegetables and in small portions,” his daughter said.  “He was given a yellow jersey last year to wear in this years 10k because he was first in his age group but he did not want to stand out in the crowd and wore the race t shirt that everyone had.  I thought of making a special t shirt to let everyone know how old he was but he definitely was not for that,” she said

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