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Big Dog’s Girls HHSAA X-C Top 20 Predictions for 2011

Defending state champion Dakota Grossman


With cross country season about to start the Big Dog has come out with his top 20 girls in the state predictions, based on last year’s performances. 

Coaches are welcomed to give their input and please tell me if any girls have moved out of state or for some reason have decided not to run this year.  Mid season predications will come out in late September.

Punahou and HPA are expected to battle once again for the team title:

1)      Dakota Grossman (10) Seabury, the defending State Champion

2)      Kiana Smith (9) Seabury                     3)      Breanne Ball (12) Iolani

4)      Zoe Sims (11) Hawaii Preparatory     5)      Elli Brady (11) Punahou

6)       Kyleigh Mann (12) Punahou               7)      Kristiana Van Pernis (10) HPA

8)      Melissa Wong (11) Punahou                9)      Emily Evans (11)  HPA

10)  Gracie Peck (12) Seabury                    11)  Deylynn White (12) Kapolei

12)  Noe Lum (10) Punahou                         13)  Hallie Lam (10) Punahou

14)  Maile Shigemasa (10) Pearl City           15)  Jaime Durso (11) Punahou

16)  Carmen Garson-Shumway (10) Hilo     17)  Aliza Valeriano (11) Campbell

18)  Ellisa Bio (11) Baldwin                             19)  Taylor Black (12) Radford

20)  Kelsie Kobayashi (12) Waiakea             20)  Brianna Collins     Radford


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  1. Kiana Smith will attend Seabury, not Baldwin

    Comment by Jane Smith | August 14, 2011 | Reply

  2. I dont see Kiana Smith being second, until she proves me wrong. still has to get into my top 20 first

    Comment by SK23 | August 15, 2011 | Reply

  3. Each year, BHS wins 80% of the league’s sports title. We’ve been referred to as the “Punahou of Maui.” This could not be accomplished without the “team concept” and without excellent coaching. Oviously som have no idea of Baldwin’s cross country program/team concept. Coaches in the know (ask the Seabury coaches) are well aware of our program for upsetting “more talented’ teams (whether recruited or not) for the MIL Championship. Last year at the MIL Championships, the youthful BHS girls team — without any “household brand names” — gave Seabury a major scare, leading in points for 2 1/2 miles! In addition, som is not aware that BHS student/athletes garner more scholarship money for college than any of the other schools on Maui, public or private. Do some research.

    Comment by SJK | August 18, 2011 | Reply

  4. I’m excited that two of the top runners in the state can train and race together! They both can push each other, in a positive way, and help each other out; especially in the five days a week when no one is cheering. I’ve often thought in the past how if one of the elite runners just had a teammate of similar abilities how much better both runners would be.

    Comment by kewlrunnings | August 23, 2011 | Reply

  5. Did anyone see the results from the MIL meet this weekend? Gracie Peck finished 2nd. Seabury finished first thru sixth, hopefully that gives them enough depth to make it interesting for the HPA and Punahou state title race.

    Comment by Jay F | August 29, 2011 | Reply

  6. The interesting thing about the above list is that Punahou, HPA and Seabury have three runners each projected to finish in the top ten. Okay, let’s say that they all finish somewhere near the order that they are predicted to finish; the state championship will be won by the team with the best fourth and fifth runners on their team. That gives a HUGE edge to Punahou!

    How kewl would it be for the state championship to come down to a sprint for 19th place? Or better yet it ends in a tie after five scoring runners and it’s gets decided by the sixth runner!

    Comment by kewlrunnings | August 30, 2011 | Reply

  7. Happened that way in the 2009 girls’ race on Kauai with Mililani versus Punahau. The top 3 from each team left a dead heat for the rest to decide….I think that three points was the final difference.

    Comment by Con | August 30, 2011 | Reply

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