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38th Hilo Open Badminton – complete results from Hilo Armory

Badminton results    38th Hilo Open    Sept. 2-3 at Hilo Armory

A Men’s doubles  1. Kimo Keliiapaakaua/Pong Suanasana  2. Michael Tsutsumi/Taylor Ishikuro

A Mixed doubles  1. Kimo Keliipaakaua/Ann Togashi  2. Michael Tsutsumi/Nagisa Oi

B Men’s doubles  1. Michael Tsutsumi/Bill Lin  2. Curtis Fortune/Richard Tierney

B Mixed doubles  1. Dudley Chen/Terry Lira  2. Curtis Fortune/Lissa Tsutsumi

C Senior men’s doubles  1. Bob Kishi/Jeff Fishback  2. Dean Ishimoto/Tony Zeng

C Senior mixed doubles  1. Peter Eltgroth/Connie Lee  2. Vincent Ritson/Alison Ritson

D Men’s doubles  1. Tim Fishback/Tyler Kamigaki  2. Dean Ishimoto/Grant Wilson

Novice mixed doubles  1. Tyler Kamigaki/Lissa Tsutsumi  2. Tim Fishback/Karen Fishback

Open senior mixed doubles  1. Dudley Chen/Terry Lira  2. Floyd Yoshimoto/Lorna Tsutsumi

Senior men’s doubles  1. Vincent Ritson/Richard Tierney  2. Lance Niimi/Travis Lopez

Open men’s singles  1. Michael Tsutsumi  2. Taylor Ishikuro

Senior men’s singles  1. Richard Tierney  2. David Anderson

Men’s singles  1. Peter Eltgroth  2. Roberto Lee  Consolation: Grant Wilson

C Men’s singles    1. Bill Lin    2. Tony Kovack

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