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Dan Nathaniel Long Distance Canoe Race – Full Results

The Waikoloa men and Na Waa Hanakahi women won races in the iron division at Hilo Bay on Sept. 17 at Kamehameha Canoe Club’s Dan Nathaniel Long Distance Canoe Race.

Crews were given an opportunity to prepare for Sunday’s Na Wahine o Ke Kai, which runs from Molokai to Oahu.

MEN    Iron division

Waikoloa, 1:38.07, nontraditional   Kawaihae, 1:41.30, open glass

Hui Waa o Waiakea, 1:41.48, open koa   Kai Ehitu, 1:44.55, open koa

Kai Ehitu, 1:45.02, open glass   Kai Opua, 1:46.33, 40-plus

Kamehameha, 1:49.15, open glass   Keaukaha, 1:51.59, 50-plus

Kai Ehitu, 1:47.31, 40-plus glass   Kilauea, 1:59.46, open glass

Nine-men fiberglass    Kamehameha, 2:28.44, open glass

Waikoloa, 2:29.19, 40-plus     Kai Opua, 2:30.22, open glass


Iron division    Na Waa Hanakahi, 1:21.06, mix open glass

Na Waa Hanakahi, 1:21.55, mix 40 glass   Kai Ehitu, 1:22.22, koa

Waikoloa, 1:23.28, mix nontraditional   Volcanos National Park, 1:24.45, women glass

Kai Ehitu, 1:26.01, women glass   Kai Ehitu, 1:29.50, women 40

Keaukaha, 1:30.09, mix glass   Keaukaha, 1:32.54, women 55

Kamehameha, n/a, mix glass     Laka, 1:34.07, mix glass

Nine-women fiberglass    Puna, 2:59.24    Kamehameha, 3:05.44    Keauhou, 3:08.24

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