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Should IPod’s be banned from organized Racing? Are runners at risk?

The Big Island International Marathon’s Board of Directors considered banning Ipod’s from each of their three road races in March.   After reading the following it has been decided not to impose the ban, but IPod use will be discouraged.   What do you think?

Runners need to be responsible when they run. Running with music can be motivating; however, running with headphones can be dangerous. Most roads on the race courses are partially closed but not completely closed to vehicle traffic. Racers must absolutely be alert and completely aware of their surroundings and need to be able to easily hear vehicle traffic, emergency vehicles as well as instructions on the course from the police, traffic control or race course officials as well as be able to hear other runners. Additionally, our race courses are very unique and scenic; we suggest you take it all in with all of your senses – sight, smell and sound. If you choose to wear headphones, it’s up to you to find the safe volume level that helps you without putting yourself or others in danger. While USA Track and Field has lifted the ban on headphones in non-championship races, we say give your iPod a rest for one day and take in all the great experiences of this race.

The above information was forwarded to the Big Dog from UHH professor David Hammes.

Some volunteers have already voiced their concern and the BIIM B of D will again discuss this issue at its Feb 16, 2012 meeting.  Participants comments are encouraged as I will bring them to the B of D meeting in Feb when this topic is discussed.

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