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keep your running number in the front stomach area

What is a bandit?  A person who runs in a race without paying an entry fee and without a running number. 

Bandits are like shoplifters, they take from the race without really knowing they are doing anything wrong.  There are a few people that will walk through a supermarket and snack on the grapes in the produce department of take a cup of coffee and drink it while shopping, never paying for what they have consumed.

The Hilo Marathon spends thousands of dollars getting road closure permits, paying for off duty police officers, providing for aid stations, and more.  Those bandits that did not pay for any of these services stole from the race.

Further, when we are at capacity and sell out in the marathon and half marathon that means that we only have enough room on the buses to take people to the starting line that are actually in the race. 

It also means that supplies at aid station can only accommodate a certain number of runners.  If we allow bandits to run then those that paid to be in the race will be short changed.

Road Runners Clubs of America, the governing body for many certified and insured races such as the Hilo Marathon, suggest that bandits, when caught, should be banned from all RRCA events for one year the first time and banned for life the second time they are caught.

BIIM will strictly enforce the NO BANDIT Rule in its races and those caught will be banned from any and all future races.

That is why it is extremely important to wear your running number in the front, chest to stomach level, while participating in the BIIM (Hilo Marathon).  Those without running numbers prominently in the front will be consider BANDITS     Your running number is proof that you belong in the race.

Also, switching or wearing someone else’s running number is prohibited.  Both (the owner of the number and the one wearing the number) will be disqualified.

Police have been advised to not stop traffic along the course for anyone without a running number in the chest to  stomach area.   Aid stations have been advised to not give out water, Gatorade or any other supplies to people without running numbers.

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  1. Wow..I never thought anyone would do something like that.
    Now I know they even have a name for runners who race without a number.
    They are stealing when they accept aid from the aid stations or munch at the finish line. Even those people who come to support a runner should not be eating from the finish line refreshments. I have seen that many times at various races. Thanks for the information and putting a reminder out there for everyone.

    Comment by Alice | December 29, 2011 | Reply

  2. Hello,my name is Yuji Fukui.
    I would like to know if I could entry or not.
    I entryied from website.
    Could you check it?
    I didn’t anything from you.

    name Yuji Fukui
    age    48
    country Japan
    address 3-42-15 Iikura Sawara-ku Fukuoka

    Comment by Yuji Fukui | March 11, 2012 | Reply

    • YES! You are confirmed in our marathon. See you in a few days. Have a safe flight. ALOHA!

      Comment by waynejoseph | March 12, 2012 | Reply

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