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Hilo High Swimmers complete 100×100 yards in under 3 hours

Hilo High swimmers who also completed 100 x 100 yds in under 3 hrs during the first week of January 2012 at the Ed Kawachika Pool at Hilo High.

They are:
Beth Tsuha, Shea Pitoy and Christian Kubo.
Hilo High swim coach is Jeannie Sakovich
Photo ID:  the two in front are the Beth and Shea who completed the whole swim on the times given without a fault.  The rest did at least 95 to 99 100s.  Christian Kubo in the middle on the right of the photo missed a 50 but caught it up in the next two swims.

From left to right are ; 
Kayla Ongais, Mira Chrysostomou (St. Joseph- trains with Hilo), Sarina Wyrick (St Joseph), Beth Tsuha, Shea Pitoy, Sharae Ichinose, Christian Kubo , and Kepa Weller. 

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