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Results from Wedemann’s Decimal Man 2012 Event – Gregory sets course record

Results Decmal Man 2012

Mens    Chris Gregory took top honors with a new course record of 55:47

Joe Wedemann chased down Rob Patey in the last 10th mile on the cinder for second with a time of 58:15.

Rob Patey took 3rd with a time of 58:58

Joe Barcia 4th, 1:00:42

Michael Dishman 5th, 1:01:28

Victor (Danny) Trevino 1:19:40


Womens    First female went to Daria Crutchfild at 1:22:15    Eve Teeter took 2nd at 1:26:18

Kate Epponger 3rd at 1:28;11 (even though she missed the turn on the bike and went 2 miles off course)

 Other finishers were    Jon “Da Jet” Boteilho 1:24:37

Nohi Boteilho 1:26:18             Mark Mangibin  ??     Bree ??


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