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Big Dog’s Lovers Day 5K – partial results

Bad weather caused problems with the timing and if you have your own time I will be glad to post.  Any mistakes with spelling of names please send the corrections for me to make.  Thanks to all those that braved the nasty weather and a special thank you to our volunteers who helped make the event possible.  Photo link: https://waynejoseph.wordpress.com/2012/02/19/photos-from-big-dogs-lovers-day-5k-at-hilo-bayfront-park/

Langtry Andrew 17:56
Muragin Nick 17:57
Hunter Stephen 18:44
Ebersole Jesse 18:50
Garson-Shumway Carmen 22:25
Yoshishige Owen 23:26
Taaroa Emily 23:33
Cruz Makaa’la 23:36
Langtry Andrew M. 23:50
Tehero Cody 23:51
Grothmann Rihei 23:55:00
Mochca Frank 23:59
La Brie Colby  24:21:00
Grothmann Richard 24:35:00
Park jimmy 24:43:00
Keane Charles 25:06:00
Tehero Tom 25:08:00
Lerma Keegan 26:06:00
Battad Paul  
Van Kralingen Sage  
Tehero Firmin  
Hegerfeldt Noah  
Quinajon Corrinne  
Nagai Dennis  
Theton Ginie  
Morita Amanda  
Morita Aaron  
Solomon Issan  
Takeguchi Rowena  
Tomlinon Robert  
Dangaran Heidi  
Alderson Richard 33:33:00
Samuels Lucia  
Halsted Austin  
Vicente Adrel  
Au Wendy  
Ariola Kainoa  
Vicente Adriana  
Halsted Alon  
Halsted Mari  
Mochida Asheley  
Monica Sharla  
Walker Davelyn  
Chinen Andrea  
Salines Savanne  

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  1. Wow..I can’t believe this race went on in all that rain with thunder and lightening..I missed it!

    Comment by Tom | February 19, 2012 | Reply

  2. Thank you Wayne and the volunteers for putting on this race. I think everyone had a good time. It was a little wet, but at least we didn’t get poured on like at the Veteran’s day race!

    Comment by Emily | February 21, 2012 | Reply

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