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Exercise to fight Glioblastomas – Brain Cancer

Big Dog following brain surgery in early Feb 2012

Exercise to fight Glioblastomas – Brain Cancer

Chemo therapy and radiation begins today, March 12, and I am optimistic that the combination of things will provide the necessary ammunition in my fight against brain cancer.

It’s tough enough to learn that I have brain cancer, but add to it the diagnoses that I’m in stage IV of glioblastoma multiformes (GBM) it becomes more worrisome.

I believe that a combination of exercise, a healthy diet, positive attitude, a loving and supportive spouse all contribute to adding years to an otherwise gloomy prediction.

I don’t feel sick and am doing 50 miles of jogging/walking per week.  The walking/jogging is split 50-50 with 25 miles of each. 

Eatining papaya everyday and lots of green leafy veggies.  Feel good as each day is a beautiful day.  Keeping the faith, thanks to my many friends.   Looking forward to hosting the marathon on Sunday.

If there are others out there that are fighting glioblastoma I’d like to hear from you either on this blog or by emailing me at waiakeabigdog@aol.com.

We are all in this fight together.  

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