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Free random photos will be made available of the 2012 BIIM event

Big Island Marathon PHOTOS  (above are free photo from 2011 race)  marathon, half marathon and 5K random photos will again be free.

The Big Island International Marathon will hire a photographer for the March 18 event and he will take photos of runners and walkers during and after the race.

The photographer tries to get as many marathoners crossing the finish line as possible, but that isn’t always possible.

We encourage your friends and relatives to take photos of you, but they should in no way impede the progress of other runners or walkers.

The BIIM photographer will take hundreds of photos and once the event is over will make a disc and provide me with that disc.

I will then spend many hours trying to identify you by your running number, which should always be visible in the front.   (Not on your side or on your back as this could disqualify you from the race.

We also try to identify any runners who do not have any running number (they are called bandits) and they will receive a life time ban from any of our three distance races.

I dislike people who steal and bandits steal from our race, thus the harsh punishment!

Once you are identified by your running number I will provide that photo to you FREE

Some photos will also be posted on this web site, approx. two weeks after the race, in a thumbnail format and you are welcomed to take those directly off the site.

We hope that you will have a fun, memorable experience at our event because we count on a very high volume of return runners that is why we sell out two to three months in advance.

Email me anytime at waiakeabigdog@aol.com 

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