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Big Island Road Runners Scholarship Application – Deadline is April 20

                                           BIG ISLAND ROAD RUNNERS (BIRR) SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION

All applicants for the BIRR scholarship are required to complete this application (print neatly or type) along with an essay and mail it to:

 Big Island Road Runners Scholarship Program     P.O. Box11211    Hilo, HI 96721

1. Name of Applicant: ___________________________________________        ________

2. Name(s) of Parent(s) or Guardian(s): ___________________        __________________

3. Address: ______________________________________              ___________________

4. Date of Birth: ____________________________________________________________

5. Telephone number: _______________________________________________________

6. Fax number and Email address if available: ______________       ___________________

7. Where do you intend to continue your education? ____________             ______________

8. Have you been accepted to this institution?  Yes ____  No  ____  Can you provide a letter or written notification of your acceptance?  Yes ____  No  _____

Attach additional page(s) or your resume to include items #9 through #14.

9.  Summarize your high school academic achievements, including GPA, challenges you may have overcome to reach your academic potential, and academic awards or honors. List all high schools you may have attended.

10. Summarize your high school athletic achievements with an emphasis on running.

11. Summarize your non-scholastic distance running achievements:   road-racing, cross country, track, personal records, etc.

12. Summarize your community or charitable activities including volunteer work.

13. Briefly state your goals and aspirations for college and beyond.

14. Include a copy of your FAFSA (Step 4 – Family financial information portion) or a SAR (Student Aid Report) ; or Free and Reduced Lunch paper. (optional)

Essay (two part)

Part One: Please write neatly or type a 200 – 300 word essay on: How running has influenced or affected your life; how do you feel about running and its challenges, trials, tribulations, and rewards – both mental and physical; your favorite types of workouts or practices; and what role running has played in your high school accomplishments.  (This part of the essay becomes the property of BIRR and may be used wholly or partially within the club and/or newspaper publications)

Part Two: Please write in 100 words or less: How this scholarship will assist you in achieving your educational goals; how you expect to finance your studies without BIRR assistance; and circumstances related to having financial need for college.

Deadlines & Awards:

  • Applications and essays must be postmarked by April 20, 2012.
  • One $1,000.00 scholarship will be awarded to one male. (non-renewable)
  • One $1,000.00 scholarship will be awarded to one female. (non-renewable)

Applicant Signature: ____________________________ Date: _________________

Parent/guardian Signature ______________________ Date __________________




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