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New mug shot for the Running with the Big Dog column

                                                                            Starting on Monday, July 2, the Running with the Big Dog column will feature a new head shot of columnist Wayne ‘Big Dog’ Joseph.

      Can you notice the difference?   Do you like this mug better than those of the past?

    Feel free to leave a comment with your opinion.

   The new hair cut was produced by Sherry Fox and Ohana Barber Shop in the Keaau Village Market area.

   Makes me feel like a new person!

By the way my daughter Jackie took the photo and chose the background and the shirt that I am wearing, so if you like the photo she wants the credit :))))

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Kamehameha’s Kaenan Aukai simply the best – long jumper in the state

The very best long jumper in the State of Hawaii.   Two time state champion in the long jump – Aukai flies through the air with the greatest of ease.

Click onto any photo to enlarge

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Don’t Forget to exercise your Brain!

We all know exercise is good for our bodies; but do you know the same is true for your brain? Just like any other muscle, the brain can get in shape, be strengthened and developed with use –exercise.

The human brain is made up of nerve cells called neurons; they are connected by synapses, which transport information from one neuron to the other. Just like other muscles and organs, the brain changes with age; synapses fire more slowly, some cells die off and the overall mass of the organ shrinks. However, advances in brain imaging and neuroscience, coupled with studies of twins, have shown that not all change is genetically predetermined or inevitable.

This new understanding of the brain and its response to exercise has created an entire new industry based on a word coined by Drs. Katz and Rubin in 1999: neurobics. This is a term for mental exercises which are used to increase the range of mental motion by activating different parts of the brain. But while neurobics involves a specific set of exercises, studies have shown that any exercising of the brain may not only stave off brain degeneration, but in many cases also reverse memory loss and improve mental agility.

Maintain Your Brain: Other Simple Strategies

Don’t be isolated. Get involved in groups or social organizations, and participate in stimulating conversation that strengthens family and friendships.

Participate in regular physical activities. Walk, ride a bicycle, dance, do aerobic exercises. Challenge your brain by challenging your body.

Learn something new. Take a class in something that interests you, read and write every day, learn a second language, learn sign language, learn to play a musical instrument.

Play board games or brain exercise-based video games, do crossword puzzles or challenging word and number games.

Stimulate the senses: travel, learn to relax with music, meditate, do yoga or tai chi, etc.

Feed the Brain:   Eat more salmon, sardines, herring, walnuts and unsalted nuts, increase your intake of vitamins C and E, fruits and vegetables, decrease your intake of processed food and fast foods; make it a priority to sit-down with others for at least one meal a day.

Get enough sleep. A well-rested brain is a healthy brain.

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Keaukaha Regatta Results – Top 3 from Hilo Bay – 6.23.12

Keaukaha regatta results-top 3

Team standings

A Division: 1. Kai Opua 213; 2. Puna 152; 3. Keaukaha 146; 4. Keauhou 139; 5. Kai Ehitu 125; 6. Kawaihae 113; 7. Kamehameha 85

B Division: 1. Hui Wa’a O Waiakea 49; 2. Paddlers of Laka 41; 3. Keoua 30; 4. Na Waa Hanakahi 29; 5. Waikoloa 17; 6. Kailana Canoe Club 14

Race results

Girls 12: 1. Kai Ehitu 2:03.69; (Nayeli Silva-Kahalewai, Mahinalani Bonomi, Tatiana Macomber, Tanya Penovaroff-Diaz, Olivia McKellar, Kealoha Dinson); 2. Kai Opua 2:07.70; 3. Puna 2:09.60;

Boys 12: 1. Kai Ehitu 1:59.77; (Abraham Kalavi, Baba Weza, Hiram Anakalea Jr., Kevin Gladden, Malosi Laasaga, Iokepa Aponte); 2. Kai Opua 2:02.77; 3. Hui Waa O Waiakea 2:11.67;

Mixed 12: 1. Kai Opua 2:06.81; (Connor Kai Bunnell, Myles Shirai, Kaiulani Pelekane, Cheyshia Materne, Kawehionalani Pelekane, Lamaku Kekaualua-Nacis); 2. Kawaihae 2:08.32; 3. Keaukaha 2:13.55;

Girls 13: 1. Kai Opua 1:59.48; (Danielle Gramlich, Nala Mrozinski-Foti, Eleashia Kealoha, Taimane Kamaka, Aaliyah Butler, Zoey Vera Cruz); 2. Kai Ehitu 2:08.56; 3. Puna 2:12.19;

Boys 13: 1. Kai Ehitu 1:54.26; (Kawika Lawrence, Iokepa Aponte, Tuitahi Faleofa-Taumoefolau, Kyle Kiyonaga, Wade Rietow, Hiram Anakalea Jr.); 2. Puna 1:55.27; 3. Kai Opua 1:55.64;

Novice B women: 1. Kai Opua 2:00.52; (Ciara Van Velsor, Christian OConnor, Katie Summers, Anne Cole, Monica Price, Heidi Hoover); 2. Kawaihae 2:04.47; 3. Puna 2:06.60;

Girls 14: 1. Kai Ehitu 1:58.74; (Makayla Galeon, Lani Kaohu, Llian Lelenoa, Janei Dela Cruz-Caminos, Jordyn Smith, Jade Kaiawe); 2. Kai Opua 1:59.89; 3. Keaukaha 2:01.88;

Boys 14: 1. Keaukaha 1:44.64; (Kaimi Iaukea-Ronquillio, Ulu Bueltmann, Keahi Denne-Kimi, Kumulipo Alapai, Kualono Kaupu, Noeau Nunes); 2. Puna 1:45.38; 3. Kai Opua 1:49.42;

Novice B mixed: 1. Kai Ehitu 1:44.64; (David deCarvalho, Nicholas Aranas, William Enojardo, Michelle Cypriano, Petra Shea, Tifani Stegehuis); 2. Na Waa Hanakahi 1:46.95; 3. Puna 1:49.17;

Girls 15: 1. Keaukaha 4:37.65; (Loke Milare, Pikake Oliveira-Mahuka, Savannah DePonte, Tita Hall-Peleiholani, Camry Isabel, Amy McBride); 2. Kai Opua 4:39.60;

Boys 15: 1. Hui Waa O Waiakea 4:00.54; c (Jordan Dodd, Bronson Napoleon, Suwaiter Poch, Sumo Kekaualua-Tuiaana, Aven Kualii, Wyatt Dudoit); 2. Kai Opua 4:04.08; 3. Keaukaha 4:04.47;

Novice B men: 1. Keauhou 3:51.37; (Donald Goings, Mikah Pada, Nicholas Schenk, Peter Dahlberg, Shaun Roth, Dustan Esteban); 2. Kai Ehitu 3:53.59; 3. Puna 3:54.74;

16-and-under girls: 1. Kai Opua 4:32.48; (Jessica Lloyd, Jaylynne Fowler, Gabriele Lovell, Ashley Alani De-Mello, Janelle Quinn, Kelly Andrews); 2. Kawaihae 4:36.64; 3. Kamehameha 4:43.83;

16-and-under boys: 1. Kai Opua 3:47.35; (Isaiah Hauanio, Devin Vandervoort, Haaheo Kaiawe, Rafael Flores, Kau Kin In, Kepa Kalima-Padillio); 2. Hui Waa O Waiakea 3:51.45; 3. Keaukaha 4:04.55;

18-and-under girls: 1. Keaukaha 4:30.86; (Jessica Agtarap, Pumehana Nobriga, Moani Kaaihue-Sanchez, Amy McBride, Tita Hall-Peleiholani, Savannah DePonte); 2. Kamehameha 4:47.02; 3. Kawaihae 5:05.70;

18-and-under boys: 1. Kai Opua 7:58.75; (Kaniela Hauanio, RJ DeMello-Crampton, Jason Fowler, Keahi Mamac, Conner Costales, Drew Lincoln); 2. Keaukaha 8:13.35; 3. Kamehameha 8:21.68;

Novice A women: 1. Keauhou 4:17.81; (Tina Flower, Nicole Friedley, Linnea Jenkins, Heather Scholz, Lainie Ushiroda, Corrine Convery); 2. Puna 4:18.36; 3. Kawaihae 4:20.19;

Novice A men: 1. Keauhou 7:31.66; (Keone Au, Jarrod Dryer, Jeremy Jaentsch, Chandler Nacino, Ken Tanaka, Jason Gabriel); 2. Puna 7:33.45; 3. Kawaihae 7:36.47;

Freshmen men: 1. Keauhou 7:20.52; (Kua Nolan, T Lussiaa, Ikaika Kaawa, Nue Youderian, Ikaika Hauanio, Jeff Silva); 2. Kai Opua 7:44.64; 3. Puna 7:45.13;

Sophomore women: 1. Kawaihae 9:01.10; (Kahealani Veincent, Charven Rodrigues, Summer Zandovskis, Krystle Marie Cabrera, Nahaku Kalei, Uilani Macabio); 2. Kai Opua 9:04.37; 3. Kamehameha 9:40.76; Sophomore men: 1. Keauhou 8:00.57; (Noah Gibson, Koa Paulo, Chevise Conte, Peter Olson, Willy Hose, Kaeo Peterson); 2. Keaukaha 8:07.20; 3. Kai Opua 8:07.53;

Junior women: 1. Kai Opua 9:23.70; (Melanie Kelekolio, Tiapepe Ulufaleilupe, Nicola Fernandez, Maile Leslie, Mara Masuda, Christina Williams); 2. Kai Ehitu 10:01.48; 3. Puna 10:01.90;

c Junior men: 1. Keauhou 7:35.76; (Trey Cox III, Ikaika Hauanio, Ikaika Kaawa, Kua Nolan, Jeff Silva, Mesepa Tanoai); 2. Kai Opua 7:45.88; 3. Puna 7:56.27;

c Masters women 40: 1. Kai Opua 9:36.79; (Sarah Egan, Cheryl Villegas, Christine Plunkett, Dani Ho, Kim Kimi, Christina Williams); 2. Puna 9:41.18; 3. Keaukaha 9:55.46;

c Masters men 40: 1. Puna 8:09.64; (Harold Barkhoff, Afa Tuaolo, Jasen Napihaa, Brian Peterson, Kevin Kaluna, Steve Blyth); 2. Keaukaha 8:21.05; 3. Hui Waa O Waiakea 8:21.91;

Masters women 60: 1. Keauhou 5:00.99; (Lonny Higgins, Beve Schorr, Diane Neubert, Sue Lalanne, Sammie Stanbro, Kaeti Ecker); 2. Kamehameha 5:18.92; 3. Keaukaha 5:23.

c Masters men 60: 1. Keauhou 4:20.12; (Bob Bruce, Robert Vatter, Peter Lasich, Lorrin Ching, Richard Everett, Mana Manasas); 2. Keaukaha 4:28.01; 3. Kai Opua 4:31.86;

c Golden masters women 55: 1. Puna 4:40.63; (Debbie Noland, Nora Blanco, Patricia Jaworski, Bev Tuaolo, Ellen Williams, Susan OShaughnessy); 2. Keauhou 4:45.89; 3. Kai Opua 5:09.12; 4. Kamehameha 5:20.87; 5. Keaukaha 5:34.69; 6. Kawaihae 5:58.50

c Golden masters men 55: 1. Keaukaha 4:13.29; (Kerry Long, Mike Shintaku, nubs Furumo, Frantik JEFF Clemenson, Eric Hagiwara, David Lipp); 2. Kai Opua 4:17.49; 3. Keauhou 4:27.05; 4. Kawaihae 4:46.03; 5. Paddlers of Laka 5:13.69; SCR Keoua; SCR Kamehameha

 Senior masters women 50: 1. Puna 4:36.81 (Maud Gooch, Debra Cheever-Follett, Betty Johns, Carmen Bowman, Marcia Johansen, Aloha Mauhili); 2. Kamehameha 4:43.69; 3. Keauhou 4:45.57; 5. Kawaihae 5:13.61; 6. Keaukaha 5:16.99; DQ Kai Opua 5:12.52

c Senior masters men 50: 1. Kai Opua 3:51.03; (Cole Naehu, Dave Monson, Jack Gillen, Spencer Lavea, Christof Luedi, Dane Enos); 2. Puna 3:51.67; 3. Keaukaha 3:59.77; 4. Kamehameha

c Mixed masters 60: 1. Kawaihae 4:41.25; (Eunice Veincent, Larry Vidlak, Madi Turner, Kit Roehrig, Sammy Teixeira, Peter Hendricks); 2. Keaukaha 4:44.24; 3. Paddlers of Laka 4:57.14;

c Mixed masters 55: 1. Keauhou 4:19.38; (Lonny Higgins, Robert Vatter, Pam Lindo, Kim Schneider, Ned Burns, Mana Manasas); 2. Puna 4:23.24; 3. Kai Opua 4:28.85;

c Mixed masters 40: 1. Kai Opua 4:04.61; (Yasu Tanaka, Melanie Kelekolio, Tiapepe Ulufaleilupe, Dan Leyva, Angela Rey, Frank Wilkins); 2. Puna 4:05.34; 3. Keaukaha 4:11.82;

c Open four women: 1. Kai Opua 4:30.89; (Cheryl Villegas, Grace Emanuel, Maile Leslie, Nicki Lacey-Enos); 2. Kawaihae 4:41.49; 3. Keaukaha 4:47.92;

c Open four men: 1. Keauhou 3:48.93; (Keone Au, Robert Olson, T Lussiaa, Mesepa Tanoai); 2. Kai Opua 3:58.25; 3. Kamehameha 4:08.02

c Mixed men and women: 1. Puna 4:02.57; (Kanani Yockman, Seth Danner, Hunter Henkel, Cherisse Agorastos, Tita Kamau, Jonah Kalima); 2. Keauhou 4:05.20; 3. Kai Opua 4:06.03; 4. Kai Ehitu 4:24.88;



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Big Dog to get County Council award on July 3 – welcomes friends to join him

County Council to recognize Big Dog’s Contributions to community

Councilmember Fred Blas will be presenting Wayne ‘Big Dog’ Joseph with a certificate/proclamation in the Hilo Council Chambers at 9 am on Tuesday, July 3.

‘The certificate is just a small way of acknowledging community members of their good work,’ a spokesperson for Blas’ office said.

‘Big Dog is certainly a community member worthy of acknowledgement, sharing his time, experience and knowledge as a teacher.  For living an inspirational life and sharing his love of running through his sports column and for his service to the County as a member of important Board(s) and/or Commission(s) to name a few,’ the spokesperson said.

Friends, family members and other supporters are encouraged to attend, but are asked to arrive 15 minutes early, at 8:45 am on July 3.

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