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Eat 6 meals a Day to LOSE WEIGHT

Eat Six Meals a Day to Lose Weight

Believe it or not, if you’re trying to lose weight, the ideal healthy meal plan involves eating six meals a day so you’re never hungry. These six meals should be broken down into two whole-food “regular” meals, two whole-food snacks and two high-energy, nutrient-dense, low-calorie meal replacement shakes. Daily scheduling of these meals could be as follows:

* Breakfast: meal replacement shake

* Mid-morning snack: whole-food healthy snack

* Lunch: whole-food regular meal

* Afternoon snack: meal replacement shake

* Dinner: whole-food regular meal

* Evening snack: whole-food healthy snack

Meals: Your whole-food regular meals should consist of lean protein (meat or vegetarian) plus salad and/or vegetables.

You can enjoy whole-food regular meals any time during the day; however, most people find it best to eat them for lunch

and dinner. You can prepare them yourself, grab them on the go, or enjoy them in a restaurant,

as long as you follow the following general guidelines in terms of content: 5-7 ounces of cooked, lean meat, such as

chicken, turkey, fish, beef, pork, lamb or shellfish; or meatless options including eggs and garden burgers.

For complex carbohydrates, select three 1/2 cup serving of your favorite vegetables, such as cucumber,

 celery, spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, broccoli or peppers.

 Snacks: Your healthy snacks could consist of a small portion of lean protein (1-2 ounces) or a small portion of vegetables,

such as celery, cucumber, radishes or peppers (green, red, yellow, etc.). You can also choose from a

variety of fruits for your snack, but remember, fruits have more sugar content than vegetables, which may increase your hunger.

Always choose whole fruits; avoid sugar-sweetened fruit cups, juices, etc., and do not substitute fruit

juice, which doesn’t have the fiber and complete nutrient content of a whole fruit. Enjoy your healthy snack at a

 mid-morning break or in the evening.

Meal Replacement Shakes: Enjoy your high-energy, low-carb meal replacement

shakes any time during the day or whenever you get hungry. Most people use them at breakfast, as an afternoon snack,

 or in the evening. Make sure you select a natural whole-food vegetarian meal replacement shake that contains a quality

vegetarian protein source, a vegetarian form of essential fatty acids for the healthy oils and an enzyme active

greens blend that will provide complex fruit  and vegetable carbohydrates.

When you incorporate a healthy meal plan into your daily routine, you’re taking an important step toward long-term

health and wellness while losing those extra pounds your body doesn’t need and you certainly don’t want.


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