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Volcano Rainforest Half Marathon, 10K & 5K for 2012

Volcano Rainforest     10K               JINXED   Again

Today, August 18, 2012 was the 3rd annual running of the Volcano Rainforest Runs and we are still awaiting to see the results to see if everything went smoothly. 

In each of the first two years volunteers steered to runners in the wrong direction.  If you were in this years races please provide information of whether or not you were steered off course.

The Volcano Rainforest, a benefit for the Volcano Art Center, ran their 2nd annual half marathon, 10K and 5K races on Aug 20 and for the second year in a row the 10K had issues with the lead runners.

In 2010 the four lead runners were taken into the finish line after doing only the 5K distance and race officials decided to simply double their time and recognize them as the overall 10K winners.

This year volunteers failed to have the lead pack of 15 runners do a final loop and when they came into the finish line lead runner, Chris Mosch, from Honokaa realized he had only done 5.7 miles.

“There was apparently some confusion among the course marshals at a point in the course where the runners had to run up and back through a cul-de-sac in order to make the course 10 km,” Walter Mosch, father of Chris said.

“The marshals got confused when the leaders of the 10 km race started overlapping with the walkers/stragglers involved in the half marathon.  Chris recognized there was a mistake when he finished and his GPS watch read 5.7 miles.  When the organizer realized the error, I think that she panicked because this had happened the previous year and was brought to her attention,” Mosch wrote the Big Dog in an email message.

“She originally DQ’ed the 14 runners, at least 12 of whom were clearly running faster than the declared winner.  People objected because the course marshals had directed them NOT TO GO into the cul-de-sac.  She decided to offer the people the choice of having their times considered for another 5.7 mile race distance or they could have their money refunded.”

According to Mosch he approached the race organizer and said ‘What the heck are you doing?  You’re having a fundraiser and returning money?

Mosch also objected to the fact that since it was their screw up the runners shouldn’t be disqualified.

“The top runners were already light years ahead of the newly declared winner when the mistake was made,” Mosch said to the race official.  “Chris is going to the University of Oregon on academic scholarship and running with the school’s running club.  He is hoping to make the top seven cross country runners on the club which will travel to the club championships in North Carolina in November.”

Editor’s note:  Chris Mosch was declared the winner of the newly formed 5.7 mile run, but never received any award for his efforts according to his dad.

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